How to Make Your Bed Pretty and Practical

As a mother to young kids, I know first-hand that choosing pretty is not always practical. I often hear people say “I can’t have nice things because I have a kid/pet.” However, beautiful and functional can go hand-in-hand when you choose the right pieces for your lifestyle.  Here’s how to make your bed the best of both worlds—pretty and practical.

King sized bed dressed in all white.

Debunking White

Many people are afraid of white because they think it will get dirty quickly.  However, if you are like me and love the crisp look that white offers, there is no better place to use it than in the bedroom. Bedding is much easier to clean than a sofa and washing bedding is part of your normal routine anyway.  A white duvet is classic and makes a great base for any season.  I personally love the look and feel of linen, a fabric that only gets better with each wash and absolutely does not need to be ironed because it naturally adds texture to your bed.

Choose Your Comforter Wisely

To prevent fill from shifting and appearing lumpy, I always look for a comforter that has sewn-through box construction so that the fill stays in place.  I chose the Primaloft® Deluxe comforter, which also has a border design for added stay-in-place power.

Bed dressed in all white bedding dark comforter.

Add a Dark Throw for Peace of Mind

I love the depth that a deep color brings to a space. Adding a dark blanket or throw to your bed creates that striking contrast while also protecting the area where kids/dogs tend to roll and play the most. This wool blanket is a great layering piece and you can throw it in the machine to clean because it is 100% washable!

Pink and green throw pillows.

Use Throw Pillows

Pillows are an easy way to update your bedroom for the seasons or just when you feel like switching it up.  My philosophy is the more pillows the better (no matter what my husband says) because they can completely change the look of the room.  Choosing an oversized pillow, in this case a 26 in. Euro, for this king size bed gives a luxurious feel and can double as a back rest when you want to read in bed.  Put a 20 in. pillow on top and you have a beautifully layered bed that is also practical.

Make you bed: Bed dressed in all white bedding, black throw blankets with green and pink throw pillows.

Shop The Look:

Keep All Pillows on the Bed

Stacking the pillows you sleep on every night is an easy way to make your bed and it looks great. Here are two sets of king pillows stacked on top of each other, but if you use a standard size pillow for your head, you can put that one on the bottom instead. I won’t tell if you don’t!

Sweet Dreams

Since your sheets are in contact with your skin the most, comfort is key.  I love the softness of bamboo sheets and chose a bamboo/cotton blend that is soft to the touch and oh-so inviting.

There you have it!  Now you can stare at your beautifully layered bed and also jump right in to enjoy it.  By putting together the right bedding pieces in the right places, you can make your bed both pretty and practical.



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