Modern Meets Traditional: 10 Bedroom Decor Tips

One of the best ways to add style and character to your home is to mix things up! Mixing styles keeps a room feeling interesting and fresh. In a more traditional home, a modern piece can change things up and make the space feel newer. On the reverse side, adding some traditional elements to a modern space adds warmth and a sense of comfort.

Here are 10 bedroom decor tips to help you achieve that design mix!


A modern and traditional inspired sunny bedroom.

Remember it’s all about the mix. Pair furniture and decor with clean lines with more traditional elements like a Persian rug, to add character to any space.

Less is more. Declutter and organize surfaces for clean and simple silhouettes. This is probably a nod to a more modern sensibility, but in all honesty, a clean and tidy surface can do wonders for any space and style!

Pink flowers in a vase on a clean dresser top.

Mix in a touch of vintage—like your grandmother’s heirloom dresser—to add character and soul. A vintage piece (be it small or large) is a necessity in my design book!

Vintage dresser in the corner of a sunny room.

Balance is key. You don’t want too much of either style as you decorate your bedroom, but rather a nice harmony of both styles.

Play with pattern. Pair simple, modern geometrics with stripes or florals. Remember to vary the scale and choose complementary colorways.

Sunny room displaying a bed and side table.

Celebrate being comfortable. Create a spot to kick your feet up, relax, and read a good book.

Rattan styled chair with throw blanket and pillow on it.

Aim for easy-going monochromatic vibes. Adding tonal colors in the form of textiles or bedding is a great way to create a relaxed, luxe feel in your sanctuary (aka bedroom).

Don’t forget the details! I’m convinced the beautiful texture of linen and the tailored look of tufting can make all hearts sing (especially mine).

Close up of blue and peach pillows on bed.

Cozy up your space. Add a soft throw to the side of a chair, across your bed, or in a basket and it instantly makes the room feel more comfortable and warm.

Don’t be afraid of contrast. Try adding a dark accent to a soft and tonal color scheme. This will give the eye some visual relief and add balance to the decor.

And remember—it’s your home and you should love it and be comfortable in it! Good design that is well blended and balanced can do wonders for your happiness levels!

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