3 Chic Tablescapes for Any Occasion

There’s something really special and memorable about gathering around a beautifully decorated tablescape surrounded by yummy food, friends, and family. When it comes to hosting and entertaining in my home I like to introduce new colors and textures to my tablescape for each occasion.


I’ve narrowed down my tablescape decor to three looks that work for me year round: contemporary, festive, and romantic.

A Contemporary Tablescape for Daily Dining

Sleek. Chic. Modern. These words helped me design and bring the vision for this contemporary tablescape to life. The goal was to keep it simple.

Cream dishware and orange table runner. Modern dishware set on well dressed table.

For my centerpieces, I went with plants instead of flowers. Plants will give your tablescape a fresh and modern twist.

Centerpieces are often the highlight of the table setting.  If you want to showcase your dishware instead, use centerpieces that are smaller and shorter.

A snake plant on a dinning room table.

Modern tablescape with black chairs.

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Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when deciding on a centerpiece(s) for your table setting:

  1. Can my guests see each other clearly across the table?
  2. Does the centerpiece(s) take up the whole table? Be sure to leave plenty of room for food and drinks to be passed around.
  3. What is my theme? Do these centerpieces reflect the look and inspiration I am trying to achieve with my contemporary table setting?

Date Night:  A Romantic Tablescape

Romantic dinners are one of my favorite tablescapes to create! Maybe it’s the soft lighting or the love that goes into it, but there is something special about dressing a table for a small group or a beloved partner. Some of my favorite memories with my husband have been around the table in an intimate setting sipping a nice glass of wine.


My inspiration for this romantic tablescape—bright and airy with touches of pink and white.


Overhead view of tablescape.

Pink roses.

Pink roses are classically romantic. A vase of roses and a hanging light fixture adorned in soft pink and green foliage give this romantic look an airy feel. Roses create an atmosphere of beauty for any special occasion.


A classic white dish set lets you add textures and colors without going overboard with decor. I used a timeless bone white China dish set and accented it with natural colored napkins and runner.


Whatever your special occasion may be, think of things that you love and admire about your loved one and create a table that welcomes conversation, beauty, and inspiration.


A white bowl.

A white napkin and all white bone china plate and bowl.

Lighting is so important for setting the mood. Here are a few lighting options for your romantic tablescape:

  1. Use your favorite candles to add warmth and romance
  2. Try battery-operated tea lights if you don’t care for a particular smell
  3. Swap out your current light bulb for a vintage bulb to create a soft candlelight glow
  4. Open nearby windows, turn the lights off, and enjoy natural sunlight for day time dining

A romance inspired tablescape on a sunny day.

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Festive Tablescapes for Celebrations/Holidays

Do you love holidays? Part of the fun of creating festive tablescapes is changing it up for different seasons or parties. There are many ways to incorporate textures and themes when planning a festive tablescape.


A blue inspired dinning room tablescape.

Bird on bone china plate.

This past weekend I had the honor of creating a festive tablescape for my mother who is celebrating her birthday this month. My mother loves birds and the color blue. I added blue and green tones to lighten up the space and give some spring vibes.

Blue bird on plate with blue napkins. Here are a few things I kept in mind when creating this table for her:

  1. What does she love?
  2. What is her favorite color?
  3. How can I create a table that will encourage conversation and quality time together?

When creating your tablescape, think of it as art.  Draw inspiration from the personalities of your dining companions.

Creating tablescapes for any occasion is so much fun! Be true to your style, take risks, and don’t be afraid to change it up every so often.

White and brown table.

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Your turn to talk—Which tablescape idea would you use the most in your home?






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