5 Rules to Keep Your White Bedding Stain Free

White bedding requires maintenance, but the look and feel it brings to a room makes it worth the effort.  Keeping your white bedding stain free doesn’t have to be stressful—just follow these five rules to keep your whites stain free:

  1. No eating in bed. Breakfast in bed may sound luxurious, but eating and drinking in bed is the quickest way to stain your white bedding. To maintain your fresh white bedding stick to eating in the dining room or kitchen.
  2. No bleach. This may seem contradictory, but over time bleach will turn your white bedding yellow. There’s nothing worse than pulling your freshly washed bedding out of the washer only to discover it’s an entirely different color. 
  3. Wash your bedding regularly. Washing your sheets once every two weeks is recommended, but for white bedding we recommend washing them weekly. Implement it into your weekend routine.
  4. Remove your makeup before bedtime. It’s easy to fall asleep with makeup on—all it takes is a tired body and a cozy bed, but your white sheets will pay the price. Be sure to throughly remove your makeup before laying down to rest—your white sheets and your skin will thank you.
  5. No pets on the bed. As much as we adore our furry friends a bed dressed in white is no place for them to get comfortable. Though you may love to snuggle with your pet, they can bring dirt from outside and other areas and stain your white bedding. If you must have your pet sleep on your bed, try our PrimaLoft® Deluxe Dog Bed Protector, to shield your white bedding from potential pet stains.

Before choosing all white bedding make sure your lifestyle complements your selection. If you love to eat in bed and prefer to have your pet sleep in bed with you, try neutral tones like cream, gold, or yellow. This way you still get the feel and look you desire without compromising your day-to-day life.

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How do your maintain your white bedding?


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