5 Pro Tips On How to Mix and Match Your Bedding

Mix and match your bedding to create a look that reflects your personal style–it’s easy! Try these five simple steps to use different textures and colors, to achieve a fabulous finished look:

1.     Choose your main color

2.     Go monochromatic

3.     Add neutral accents

4.     Use light-colored sheets

5.     Finish with a pop of color


Choose Your Main Color

Mix and match pillows on bed.

Most people like to stick with neutrals for their biggest piece like a comforter, but don’t be afraid of a little color. I chose pink as my main color here–pink is basically a neutral to me and coordinates with just about anything. The pink comforter and pink shams were my starting point.

Pro Tip: Your main color will be the foundation of your finished mix and match look. Select a color that makes you feel good!


Go Monochromatic

Color mood board.

Mood board for mix and match bedding.


It’s easy to mix and match when you stick with the same color scheme in different textures. I chose shades of pink, orange, and peach. I also love the look of different shades of blues, greens, and yellows.

Pro Tip: Select a maximum of three colors that you want to intermix into your finished look.


Add Neutral Accents

A bed dressed in mix and matched bedding.

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My go-to neutral is usually white, cream, or gray. After I pick my color scheme I usually try to pick covers for my Euro pillows with a different texture (like velvet) that doesn’t detract from my main focal point, but adds extra “oomph” to the bedding. Euro pillows are my absolute favorite on the bed. They are a simple touch that makes a big difference.

Pro Tip: Your neutral color is the perfect time to introduce different textures into your finished mix and match look too! 


Use Light-Colored Sheets

Light sheets on mix matched bedding.

When picking my sheets, I usually choose a lighter color. They are easier to wash and they don’t distract from the pink comforter. I chose these peach sheets and I’m absolutely obsessed! I think they add a nice touch to the color scheme.

Pro Tip: Light-colored sheets will blend and highlight the color of your comforter perfectly. *If your comforter is white, do the opposite and select a darker sheet set.


Finish with a Pop of Color

Mix and match finished bedding look.

Here’s your chance to add some more personal style.  I like to use pretty decorative pillows or a throw blanket that ties everything together. I love the way these pillow covers look with the bright pop of the orange throw blanket. I usually go a little crazy with the decorative pillows, but since I went so bold with the throw blanket I thought adding lighter colored decorative pillows with a funky flair was the perfect touch.

Pro Tip: Make sure you add your personality into the mix. Decorative pillows make this task easy and fun!


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