3 Ways to Help Your New Dog Feel at Home

The first few weeks at home with your new dog is an adjustment period for both of you. As you are embracing your new role as a dog owner, your pet is adjusting to a new environment. This is the perfect time to show your pet that they belong.

Here are three easy ways to help your canine companion feel comfortable and welcomed in their new space.


Introduce your new dog to the family. 

Slow introductions are best for your new dog since they instinctively use their nose to figure out who’s who. Think like a dog and introduce smells first using the dirty laundry of each household member. Place the laundry in a location where your dog spends a lot of time—like the crate or kennel.

Cozy up your dog’s crate. 

It’s natural for dogs to mark their territory and a crate is the ideal space for them to do this at home. You want the crate to feel like a safe haven so your dog is comfortable being left alone when you have to step out to run errands or have guests over. A crate mat will help add a layer of comfort to the space. Place toys in the crate for your dog to play with too!

Take your pooch on a stroll around the neighborhood.

Give your new dog the opportunity to take in the sights and smells of its new environment—inside and outside. This will allow you to bond with your dog and enjoy much needed quality time. Implement daily walks into your schedule to build a trusting relationship and avoid behavioral issues.

Above all, be kind to your new dog and yourself. Understanding your dog’s needs will take time, so give yourself and your dog time to get to know each other.  As long as you’re providing a comfortable home for your dog, everything else will follow.

Featured photo courtesy of Mavis The Air Stream


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