Guide to Choosing the Right Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are made in a plethora of materials to fulfill the needs of different individuals. Choosing new sheets can be more complex than simply matching your room décor, especially when you’re looking for ultimate comfort. At The Company Store®, comfort is our top priority, so here is an easy guide to help you decide which bed sheet material is best for you.

Percale Sheets

Bule bedding spread.
Shop the look: Organic 300-Thread Count Percale Bedding

Crisp percale sheets have a smooth, cool feel which makes them perfect to sleep on all year-round. They’re also an excellent choice for people who tend to get warm while sleeping.


Flannel Sheets

Tan and orange bedding
Shop the look: 5 oz. Solid Flannel Bedding

Flannel sheets are soft, warm, and cozy. They’re perfect for cold-weather months or year-round for those who prefer a cozy feel or like to sleep in a cooler room.


Sateen Sheets

Tan, green, and pink bedding.
Shop the look: Mystic Forest 400-Thread Count Sateen Bedding

Unbelievable silky smoothness—need we say more? They’re luxuriously soft and the sateen shine offers a lustrous, elegant look.


Linen Sheets

Stripped colored bedding.
Shop the look: Danson Linen Geo Bedding

Linen sheets are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable—a great choice for summer sleep.


Bamboo Sheets

Cotton bedding in bright lit room.
Shop the look: Bamboo/Cotton Bedding

Exceptionally soft and durable, they’re breathable and silky-soft to the touch.


Jersey Knit Sheets

Folded up sheets in basket.
Shop the look: Jersey Knit Bedding

Jersey sheets are t-shirt soft and feel great against the skin. The stretchiness of the fabric makes it naturally wrinkle-free and easy to care for.

Organic Cotton Sheets

Organic bed spread.
Shop the look: Organic 300-Thread Count Cotton Sateen Bedding

In addition to being smooth and soft to the touch, these eco-friendly, certified organic cotton sheets are responsibly made so that they’re better for you and the planet.


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