Caring for Your Indoor Plants

Indoor plants create a welcoming atmosphere in any home. According to healthline.com, having plants in your home helps lower your risk for illness, reduces stress and anxiety levels, and boosts your overall mood. However, anything good in life takes work to maintain! If you find yourself having to re-plant and re-purchase indoor plants, read on for some tips on how to keep them alive and thriving.

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How much you water your plants is key to their survival. The soil should not be too dry or too wet—it’s best to keep it consistently damp so your plant’s roots don’t become damaged, ending in disaster. Check your plant’s hydration by sticking your finger below the surface of the soil and see if it is too dry or drowning in a puddle of water. Side note—be sure to use water that is room temperature!

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Pot Type

Be mindful of the type of pot you purchase and do research on what pot is the best for your type of plant. Keep in mind that plastic, metal, and glass materials absorb more water than ceramic or clay. Based on your plant’s needs, this could be key to helping them live a long life. Additionally, it is important to select pots with holes at the bottom to allow for good drainage. Without this, water build up is likely, which could kill your plant.

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Like people, plants get accustomed to the area they are in most frequently, so avoid moving your plant around too much—it could kill them! Also, don’t forget to constantly trim dead ends which can attract bugs and prevent your plant from growing.

Just like other living things, indoor plants need some TLC. If you commit to having them around the house, be sure to tend to them as regularly as possible!








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