Quilt, Coverlet, Comforter, Duvet Cover: Understanding the Difference

Linen lovers know there is more to dressing a bed than just picking any old quilt or cover. There are a lot of layers and options that go into building the perfect look and feel for your sanctuary. Quilt? Coverlet? Duvet Cover? There is a fine line between all of them, but it is easy for that line to become blurry.

(Pictured: Sonnet Quilt available at The Company Store®)


The quilt is one of the most traditional forms of bed coverings. It is sewn together with three layers of fabric. The middle layer consists of padding (also known as the layer of batting) for warmth. Quilts are a great form of decoration for the bed (provided by the top layer), as many are full of color and pattern. The backs of our quilts are reversible to either a solid color or an understated print, depending on the quilt for more of a variety.

(Pictured: Beekman Matelassé Coverlet available at The Company Store®)


Differentiating between a coverlet and a quilt can be tricky. The main difference is that a coverlet does not have the middle layer of batting a quilt does. For this reason, it is typically the best lightweight option for the warmer months, or a top layer for decoration. Additionally, coverlets are usually made with thick weaves like matelassé—offering the weight of a blanket, but the look of a top of the bed.

(Pictured: Down Comforter available at The Company Store®)
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A comforter is what most people think of when they dream of cuddling up at night. Its fill is much loftier than a quilt or coverlet—usually filled with some type of down or synthetic feather for warmth. You can customize a comforter’s warmth to align with the season depending on the fill type and weight. You can learn more about choosing the perfect comforter for you here.

(Pictured: Emeline Percale Duvet Cover available at The Company Store®)

Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is designed to protect your comforter. You can take it on and off to wash as often as you please, while keeping your comforter intact. The great thing about duvet covers is that they make it easy to switch things up in your room! You can have multiples with different designs to rotate them in and out as you please. Also, it will assist in keeping that pricey comforter in great condition for years to come. One thing that people don’t like about duvet covers is that the comforter can sometimes move around and lump up during the night, which becomes uncomfortable. However, at The Company Store®, both our duvet covers and comforters come with corner ties to ensure the comforter stays in one place—so it’s a win/win!
It’s important to be educated when purchasing products to dress your bed. Since different people have different needs, there is a type of bedspread that can work for everyone. The more you tailor it to your sleeping needs, the better sleep you will get!





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