Bring the Inside Out: The Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Guide

The season for outdoor entertaining has arrived. With the warm weather finally here to stay for the next few months, let’s not waste any time cooped up in the house. Outdoor entertaining can be super easy to plan─with the right preparation. Here’s a simple preparation guide to outdoor entertaining without the typical hassle.


woman outside texting on smart phone.

Send A Group Text

No more waiting for RSVP’s to come in the mail, a simple text will do. A text message is an easy and convenient way to get the word out. Send a group text at least one week prior to your gathering and follow-up two days before the event with a “respond with a yes if I can expect you” text. Don’t fret about attendance or who hasn’t responded. The prospect of free food and drinks along with the summer sun are very attractive, so those who are meant to be there, will. No worries.


Table of food

Ask For Help

Some call it tacky, others may call it genius, but asking your guests to bring a dish and/or beverages will save you time and money. Everyone knows the cook has the least fun. Why? Because they are stuck in the kitchen cooking for hours and by the time the festivities begin their exhaustion starts to set in. So what was meant to be a good time magically turns into a countdown to bedtime. Don’t let that be you. You’d be surprised at how excited everyone gets when they have a chance to cook their favorite dishes and share with the family and friends.

So just ask─then relax! Now, you’ll only have two dishes to prepare now as opposed to ten.


Backyard space with grill.

Prepare Your Outdoor Space

If you walk outside your home right now, there is a good chance that the space in which you want to hold your gathering needs to be cleaned up. This is the perfect opportunity to hire help. Teenagers are always excited to make money, the chance to obtain pocket money is always a great motivator. So instead of asking your significant other to tidy up, ask a neighborhood kid or young family member. Make sure you write out a to-do list so nothing is forgotten. After your outdoor space is tidied up, now all you have left is to buy the outdoor decorations and decorate the morning of your gathering. If you don’t want to or don’t have time to decorate, then pay that same helper to assist you.


Outdoor entertaining should be fun for everyone, including the host. We hope our simple outdoor entertaining guide makes bringing the family together easier for you so you can do it more often.






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