3 Easy Tips to Help Your Patio Flourish This Summer

The sun is shining for the season, which means it’s time to revamp that outdoor patio space and get it ready for summer lounging. No matter the size of the space or budget, there is always a way to take your patio from the ordinary to extraordinary.

(Pictured: Palo Alto Patio Collection available at The Company Store®)

Tip One: The Quick Fix

Ditch the neutrals when it comes to your outdoor spaces this summer and embrace color, pattern, and texture. According to Zoe Gowen, Senior Home Editor for Southern Living, colorful fabrics for the outdoor area was a 2018 patio trend predicted since December of 2017. Adding bold decorative pillows is an easy way to add these elements to your patio without too much commitment. Although they seem like a small addition, if paired correctly, they could really help your patio flourish for the season.



Tip Two: Make It Noisy

This time, we’re not talking about the colors. Large budget landscape projects usually incorporate a fountain or some type of nature sounds for a reason—it’s what makes hanging outside so relaxing. According to health.com, researchers have found that nature sounds actually alter connections in our brains, resulting in a reduced fight-or-flight instinct human bodies have. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget or space to include something like a fountain in their patio layout, but that doesn’t mean the idea has to be completely nixed! There are tons of easy DIY ways to bring nature sounds into your yard that would help you enjoy the same benefits a large fancy fountain or pond would.

Tip Three: Use What You Have!

We all have vintage laying around the attic that can be re-used and re-purposed– It’s a great way to add personal touches and really make your outdoor space stand out. You’d be surprised at how great your flowers look in mason jars, or how a used shoe rack can easily be turned into a plant stand!

Get creative this summer and design a patio that not only you enjoy hanging out on, but one that you like showing off to your friends. The smallest details can go a long way!









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