Discover the Best Pillow for Your Aches and Pains

If you suffer from aches and pains, sleep can often leave you feeling less than refreshed. If this describes you, finding the best pillow for a restorative sleep is one solution you shouldn’t ignore. The Company Store® has a variety of support and specialty pillows that you can choose from.

Here’s a list of specialty pillows to help move you one step closer to finding the best pillow for your aches and pains.

women with pillow between her legs

Pictured: Posture Pillows – Knee and Leg Pillow available at The Company Store®)

Knee and Leg Pillow

  • For side and back sleepers

  • Offers comfort to knees, ankles, and lower back

  • Can help relieve pelvic and lower back tension



women laying on side sleeper pillow

(Pictured: Posture Pillow – Half Moon Side Sleeper Pillow available at The Company Store®)

Side Sleeper Pillow

  • For side sleepers

  • Offers neck and shoulder joint support

  • Allows you to rest your arms while side sleeping to help keep shoulder joints aligned


Women laying on body pillow

Pictured: TCS® Down-Free™ Fill Body Pillow, Medium Firmness available at The Company Store®)

Body Pillow

  • For those who love to snuggle

  • Can help relieve leg, hip, and shoulder strains

  • Allows you to sleep in a therapeutic position



Women sleeping with multi-position pillow(Pictured: Multi-Position Body Pillow available at The Company Store

Multi-Position Body Pillow

  • For full-body support

  • Can help your posture with sitting and sleeping in bed

  • Allows for a variety of pillow placement positions to support key body areas



Women sleeping on neck pillow

(Pictured: Duo Sleep Neck Pillow available at The Company Store®)

Neck Pillow

  • For side and back sleepers

  • Can help relieve neck pain

  • Makes it easy to switch sleeping positions without adjusting or folding pillow



demonstration of shoulder posture pillow

(Pictured: Shoulder Posture Pillow available at The Company Store®)

Shoulder Pillow

  • For back sleepers

  • Can help relieve pressure on shoulder joint

  • Naturally draws shoulders back to counter hunching back and slouching shoulders


Women resting her arm on arm rest pillow

(Pictured: Side Sleeper Arm Rest available at The Company Store®)

Arm Rest Pillow

  • For side sleepers

  • Can help you avoid shoulder slouching

  • Support the elbow, wrist, and hand

  • Reduces pressure points on the back while adding extra cushioning


Rather than suffering through the pain, look for ways to get rid of it—for starters purchasing the best pillow for you. Remember to consider your normal sleeping position to make the best pillow choice. 20% of Americans report that pain disrupts their sleep at least a few nights a week, according to

Let’s avoid the discomfort and make better sleep a priority. Use a pillow that will support your aches and pains. Your body will be happy you did.








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