Bedding Allergy Myths: Busted

Allergy myths circle around almost as often as allergies do. However, one myth that is true is you can have indoor allergies where there is no pollen. Most people think that one of the biggest causes to an indoor allergy is their down bedding; although, it has been scientifically proven this is not the case. According to Dr. Nabeel Farooqui, an allergist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, it is not the down feathers that causes this allergy, but the dust mites that accumulate within your bedding and bedroom instead.

(Pictured: White Bay® Down Comforter available at The Company Store®)

How can dust mites accumulate in your comforter, you may wonder? It is possible that the down you are purchasing has not been correctly cleaned. The Company Store®’s down products are cleaned in phosphate-free soap in state-of-the-art equipment, then thoroughly sterilized to ensure dust mites stay away. This is a case where investing in a quality product helps avoid unwanted sniffles will be worth it in the long run.

(Pictured: LaCrosse® TCS® Down Comforter available at The Company Store®)

Besides ensuring you are purchasing quality down, you also have to be sure to properly take care of it. According to WebMD, you should wash your bedding in hot water (over 130 degrees Fahrenheit) once a week. The heat will kill off any accumulation of dust mites. Besides your bedding, pay attention to the air that circulates in your room. Humidity should be below 55%; use an air conditioner or a dehumidifier to keep humidity low. And of course, be sure to regularly vacuum floors and wipe counters to rid of any excess dust!

(Pictured: Dust-Mite Proof Protectors Collection available at The Company Store®)

Besides the up-keep of your bedding and household, there are other ways to stop dust mites in their tracks and that’s by protecting your down. The Company Store® offers a wide variety of comforter, pillow, and mattress protectors specific to keeping dust mites out. The patented membrane-free cotton fabric provides breathable protection for your finest sheets and bedding, while the microscopic pores create a natural barrier against dust mites, pet dander, bed bugs, and other allergens that can disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling groggy all day.

(Pictured: PrimaLoft® Deluxe Comforter available at The Company store®)

Even though down is not the cause of allergies, if you could rest easier knowing there are absolutely no allergens in your bedding, down-alternative fills may be the better option for you. The Company Store®’s down alternative is filled with TCS Down Free® and PrimaLoft® that mimic down’s warm, lofty, and insulating properties.

Although allergies aren’t completely avoidable, you can minimize their destructive properties in your home—or at the very least stop a dust allergy from becoming a bigger problem. Be sure to prepare for the season ahead and minimize the sniffing where you can!









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