5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Life Today

When it comes to our dogs, we think of them as a special member of our family, and we know you do too. Our canines bring us comfort and dog lovers like us are always looking for ways to make them happier. Here are five easy changes you can make to your canine companions daily routine to help improve its life.


man relaxing on couch communicating with his dog

Learn to speak dog 

Dogs don’t talk, but they can communicate through body language. Learn your dog’s unique way of communicating by taking the time to notice and understand their body language. A low wagging tail could mean “I am unsure” and panting when it’s not hot could be a sign your canine companion is under stress. As your dog grows older, keep an eye on subtle changes within their normal body language. This will help you stay on top of the needs of your dog while showing them how much you love them. 


Check Your Dog’s Collar

Your dog’s collar can cause them major discomfort. Finding the correct style is critical to your dog’s comfort and safety. Make it a habit and check their collar from time to time. At The Company Store, we have collars for your dog that are sure to bring them comfort!  


two dogs sitting on their own TCS dog bed

(Pictured: Summer Scotties Round Dog Bed and Company Cotton™ Dog Bed Sunbrella® Cover available at The Company Store®) 

Make sure your dog is sleeping in comfort

Who said your dog doesn’t need to sleep in comfort? Not us! A good, comfortable bed will provide important benefits like injury prevention, insulation, and cushioning for joints and bones. A good night’s rest (or mid-day nap) is essential to the quality and longevity of your canine companion’s life. Upgrade your dog’s bedding.  


three TCS dog food bowls

 (Pictured: Ceramic Pet Bowls – Dog Garden available at The Company Store®) 

 Feed your dog healthy food

 I’m sure you want your canine companion around for a long time, so feed them the good stuff.  Do research on the brand of food you’re feeding them and find all the best organic, non-GMO, and all-natural options. Unfortunately, feeding your dog table food won’t aid them in living a long healthy life. *Did you know that for a 20-pound dog, eating one hot dog is equivalent to a person eating three hamburgers and two whole chocolate bars? *The Bootie Blog 


door outside on a sunny day wearing a TCH red sweater

(Pictured: Super Chunky Dog Turtleneck available at The Company Store®) 

 Let your dog enjoy the outdoors

Enjoy is the keyword. Even if you only have a few minutes, let your dog explore the outdoors at its own pace. Your dog will be able to exercise its natural senses and you will get to bond with your canine companion while learning its natural pace. Not to mention, outdoor activity makes for a physically healthy canine.   

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