Where to Begin: Using 2018 Design Trends in Your Home

A new year brings new trends. And that doesn’t mean just your outfits, but your home, too! Although not everyone likes to keep up with the trends, they are almost impossible to ignore year after year. A combination of your personal style and a trend or two is the perfect formula for freshening up your home.

1. Bold, jewel tones

This brave trend is no surprise, as Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is none-other than ultra-violet. If you don’t see strong colors fitting into your décor, try a softer, yet still trending shade like lavender. Vivid or soft, the purple hue is the perfect pop of color to bring 2018 to life.

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2. Floral Prints

Using floral prints in your décor isn’t exactly something that is new this year. It is a trend that has been around for years, and will most-likely never fully die out. This means if you decide to invite this fashion into your home, you won’t have to replace it as often as you’d think.

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3. Brass Accents

Goodbye stainless steel, brass is back. Warm and inviting, brass will look especially nice paired with the trend of jewel tones and floral prints around your home.

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4. Natural Elements

You don’t have to go crazy and make your home a jungle, but natural elements accenting your overall décor would be a nice touch. An easy way to incorporate nature’s designs into your home could be something as simple as wood entertaining pieces. If you want to get even more in depth with natural elements in the home, check out our blog post dedicated to the style, Bring the Outdoors Home.

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5. Statement Storage

Following the trend of bold colors this year, statement pieces around your home should also serve a purpose. Get organized and stay trendy at the same time—it’s a win/win!

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Remember, if this year’s trends don’t have a way of fitting into your home, it’s okay. It’s always best to stick to your true self! However, sprucing things up every now and then to match what’s “in” is always a great feeling. Happy 2018!










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