How to Beat the Winter Cold: January Home Checklist


“This winter I am staying indoors. It’s too cold out.” Is that your inner voice speaking? We wouldn’t be surprised. The temperature outside is causing us to spend more time at home; only going outside for work and the necessary errands. It can become a drag, and the last thing we want is for you to give in to those winter blues. To help keep your spirits high this season, here are five tips on how you can beat the winter cold and walk into spring feeling rejuvenated:


Shea Butter in different forms

Moisturize Your Skin Daily

There is nothing more discouraging than dry, cracked skin. Stock up on your favorite moisturizers and apply them to your skin at a minimum of twice a day. During the winter months, I love moisturizing my skin with Unrefined Shea Butter. It nourishes my dry skin, while using its superfood powers to combat aging skin and eczema. Whichever moisturizer you choose, help your skin beat the cold by using it generously.

bed with blue comforter in the middle of a bright room

(Pictured: Alberta™ Euro Down Comforter available at  The Company Store®)

Prep Your Bed for Winter

Find the perfect warmth this winter with a cozy down comforter. Down bedding is a winter favorite because of its ultra-soft and lightweight qualities. You can layer up if you need some extra warmth, too.  Add a blanket or throw to your bedding to heat up your nights and beat that winter cold. Learn How to Choose A Comforter that’s right for you.

woman painting

Work on Your Unfinished Project

You know what I am talking about: that project that you began with a burst of enthusiasm, but after a while lost momentum and never completed it. Now is the time for you to jump back in the saddle. Use your extra time indoors to awaken the creativity inside of you and finish that project.

woman in living room exercising

Create A Home-Workout Routine

It’s difficult to get to the gym; we get it, but your fitness efforts do not have to become stagnant because of the cold winter weather. Create an at-home workout routine that works best for you. Thirty minutes of vigorous physical activity is all you need. Add an extra 15 minutes of strength training if you have specific body goals.

woman spraying plants with water

Give Your Plants Lots of TLC

Has the air in your home been dryer than usual? When we bump up our thermostats, the air can get dry, and your plants may need help. During the winter months, give your indoor plants a dose of TLC by misting them every so often with water. Your plants will be grateful, and help restore humidity to the air in your home.


You don’t just beat the cold by staying indoors, you beat it by investing in what makes you happy. Give yourself a little more this winter than you normally do. Once spring comes rolling around, you’ll be happy you made the extra effort!


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