Declutter for a Happier Home

How harmonious is your home? If it is packed with clutter and random items and isn’t pleasing and relaxing, it could be impacting everything from your mood to your ability to focus and concentrate. Your living space radiates energy– and that energy impacts how you feel and your emotions every day.

The Science behind the Clutter/Stress Connection

Recent research into the happiness levels of those who are surrounded by clutter and those with clean, organized homes reveals that the condition of your living space has a direct impact on your feelings and emotions. If you’ve been feeling anxious, down, or depressed and are also coping with a disorganized, cluttered living space, tackling those piles of paper and toys could help you cope and improve your mood.

When you go into a room, do you feel relaxed, refreshed and comfortable? Or on edge, tense and filled with anxiety? If you get the three first emotions– congratulations! Read a good book, relax and enjoy your space. For the rest of us, taking some time to get organized should be at the top of the to-do list.

Start with the Kids’ Stuff

If you have kids, then you know that things can get messy in an instant. Creating spaces for each toy or item can help children learn to put away their own possessions. Even non-readers can place the correct items in a bin or basket if that storage piece is labeled with an image. Additionally, every few months go through and purge away toys that are broken, have missing pieces, or that the kids are simply no longer enjoying.

Learning to Let Go

Sometimes the most difficult part of organizing is getting rid of items that have sentimental value. If you don’t use something, it is time to send it on its way. Keep what you love, but tackle the difficult task of purging things that are just piled up and causing you stress. You’ll feel better and have less “stuff” to cope with.

(Pictured: Groove Collection Console Table available at The Company Store®)

Clever Storage Solutions

You won’t throw away everything, just the items you no longer use, need, or love. Everything else can go in attractive, sensible storage. You’ll be able to store items out of sight, but still access them when you need them.

We can’t help you clean house or decide what items to keep, but we can help you store the things you deem worthy of your home and time. Our sensible storage pieces are designed to be attractive enough to show off in any room; tuck items away inside to keep them safe and prevent them from cluttering up your home for good.






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