This Summer, Bring the Outdoors Home

The summer brings sweltering heat, maybe you’re not a fan? Or, do you miss the outside when those rainy days hit? Whatever your reason is for not being able to enjoy the great outdoors, there are ways to make your home feel natural and outdoorsy. Read on for fun tips from The Company Store® on how to bring the summer inside your home, and we don’t mean the bugs!

Recreate an Environment with Natural Materials

Natural materials such as bamboo, wicker, hemp, and rattan are excellent choices for furniture and accessories around your sitting areas. These types of materials add natural texture and rich color to any room. Our Santa Rosa Rattan Collection (pictured above) is a great example of style that works perfectly on an enclosed sun porch or even your living room.

Mix Neutrals with an Outdoor Palette

(Pictured: Halo Linen bedding available at The Company Store®)

Think of colors you would find in nature, such as bright green leaves, the sparkling blue sky, and a radiant yellow sun; those pops of color mingling with neutrals give your décor that outdoor look and feel. You might also consider a seaside theme, where hues of blue mixed with creamy white create the illusion of sitting by the water.

Accessorize a Room with Pieces Found In Nature

(Pictured: Sunflower Mirror available at The Company Store®)

Choose pieces that make a statement. Choose any direction that suits your mood, from animal inspired motifs for an exotic look, florals for freshness, or natural accessories like plants, rocks, shells, and even branches. Our decorative Branch Mirror is a great example– with wire mesh birds; can’t you just hear the birds singing!

Use Products That Are Environmentally Friendly

(Pictured: Pryor Organic bedding available at The Company Store®)

Include as many organic products as possible in your home. If you’re going to decorate with the earth’s natural elements as an inspiration, it makes sense to utilize natural materials as well. Not only will they add authenticity to your space, but certified organic materials are healthier for your skin. Read more about the benefits of certified organic here.

Before you know it, when you look around your indoor space, you’ll feel like a piece of nature is with you.



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