How to Tell When It’s Time for a New Pillow

Did you know that your pillow has an expiration date? They’re not just for food! The lifespan of your pillow definitely has an end; they aren’t made to last forever. There are certain ways to tell if it’s time for a new pillow. If your pillow isn’t what it used to be, then it might be time to replace it.

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Pillow

A flat pillow that looks like a pancake isn’t going to give you the neck and head support you need in order to get a restful night’s sleep. Lumpy pillows are another problem. Lumps that appear, breaking up the pillow’s natural form, are also going to contribute to sleeping problems.

Here’s a quick trick to test if you need a new pillow: fold it in half. How quickly does it spring back to shape? If it doesn’t regain its normal shape in a reasonable amount of time, it’s time to toss that pillow to the side.

If you’re still unsure, the technical way to follow is by time frame. According to, pillows are only meant to last 18 months to two years. After that, the integrity of the pillow’s structure is compromised, so you should invest in fresh ones.

How to Pick the Right Replacement

In order to secure a new favorite pillow that will help you get a better night’s sleep, try to look for one that is hypoallergenic, packed in a cotton storage container, and offers medium support for both back and side sleepers.

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