5 Tips to Keep Cool During Summer Nights

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Summer is almost here! As much as we’re looking forward to those glorious summer months, it does bring up a big problem. All that heat and humidity can wear you down, especially while you are trying to sleep. If sweltering nights are keeping you awake, tossing and turning all night long, there are some steps you can take to make sleeping an easier task during the heat. After all, you want to wake up refreshed and ready to go enjoy all that great summertime weather. Here are some helpful tips to transform a stuffy room into a soothing sanctuary on hot summer nights.

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Tip #5: Improve Your Bedding

Since you are going to be spending all night in bed, make sure your sheets and bedding are geared towards summer use. Toss off those heavy blankets and quilts. Replace them with a lightweight linen blanket instead. Also make sure you avoid high thread counts that trap body heat. According to sleep.org, you only need a thread count in the 200-400 range, because that’s ideal for a cooler night’s sleep.

(Pictured:  Printed Cotton Voile Pajama Set available at The Company Store®)

Tip #4: Analyze Your Pajamas

Selecting breathable sleepwear is the key to keeping you comfortable and cool all night long. Avoid silk and opt for lightweight wicking materials. Some of the best fabrics to try are cotton, bamboo, or linen, since any of those fabrics will allow your skin to breathe and keep you from retaining heat.

Tip #3: Prevent Heat Buildup

Use blackout window panels to keep sunlight from coming into key spots in your home, especially your bedroom. The Company Store® offers a room darkening liner that could easily go behind any window treatment you already have. You can also switch out your shag rug for something that won’t hold on to heat.

Fans working in different rooms can also move the air around, so that it feels a little cooler to prevent so much heat from building up.

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Tip #2: Invest In Cooling Sleep Technology

For the biggest difference in temperature regulation while you sleep, try our CoolMAX® or Cool Gel Memory Foam lines. Each is made with specialized moisture-wicking poly fibers that help draw perspiration from your skin. With this combination of sleep gear, you’re bound to be cooler as you sleep. This is the perfect choice for warm sleepers, who are looking for a night without waking up hot and frustrated.

Tip #1: Before Bed Tricks

Here’s a few things you should do before you even get into bed: Exercise at least three hours before bedtime to avoid heating your inner core, eat light dinner, drink cold fluids (water is best), and take a quick, cool, or lukewarm shower right before bed.

When you use all of these tips together it’s going to almost guarantee you’ll get a much better night’s sleep during those hot summer months. Those sweltering nights will be a thing of the past when you sleep in cool comfort.









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