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Unwind to the Theme of Love

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and with your hectic schedule, it might be nice to spend time with your loved ones at home instead of going out. This will not only save you money, but also give you a great place to relax where you don’t need to deal with a crowd.

Here are some ideas for a romantic and relaxing Valentine’s Day at home.

Tea time – When some people think of relaxation, tea is a must have. On Valentine’s Day, make it special by having different designs of tea bags specially made for that day. There are different designs you can try to make depending on your time and resources. If you’re striving for festive, attempt these Heart-Shaped Teabags from Design Sponge!

Chocolate indulgence— Apart from the tea, order some chocolates and consider serving them on a festive tray. You know what they say—it’s all about the presentation! The Company Store® has a variety of “love” trays perfect for the occasion.

Flowers –It’s not Valentine’s Day without red roses! Along with the romantic ambiance they create, they will bring a fresh, natural scent to your space for the night. Be sure to give the flowers to your love romantically and as a surprise—it’s always a nice touch.

(Pictured: Illume® Luxe Sanded Mercury Glass Candle sold at The Company Store®).

Slow burning candles – You’ve got flowers and chocolate, so now all that’s missing to the typical Valentine’s Day scene is candlelight. The Company store® sells an array of Illume® candles filled with slow burning soy wax and blended with essential oils and an all-cotton-wick. With the candles, turn off the lights and create a bed on the floor and watch romantic movies as you cuddle with your partner.

(Pictured: Printed Heart to Heart Woven Cotton Poplin Pajama Set from The Company Store®).

Make it a pajama party- The perks of staying in is being able to be comfy while doing it. In honor for the holiday, The Company Store® has special Heart to Heart pajamas. Cute, comfy, and festive, you can also have the pajamas for your loved one monogrammed. Nothing says I love you like a personalized gift!

(Pictured: Faux Fur throw & pillow cover, available at The Company Store®).

Cozy blankets – The definition of cozy is being wrapped up in a comfy blanket. We recommend a fur blanket like the one shown above that is not only soft and warm, but also adds some style to the occasion.

Whatever you end up doing for Valentine’s Day, remember to just enjoy the company of your loved ones! If you’re in need of any last-minute gifts, visit the Valentine’s Day gift shop page on The Company Store® website.




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