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Your Life Gets Better With Organic Cotton

Organic cotton may just be the solution to the harmful use of pesticides and dyes in the making of our bedding and clothing.  If we thought we were safer only checking ingredients in our food, we were wrong.  Another threat has risen.  Harmful chemicals used in the making of bedding and clothing, such as those pajamas you sleep in each night, invade our bodies through our skin.  And what’s more, children and babies with sensitive skin are especially vulnerable.


(Pictured: Organic Down Comforter available at The Company Store®)

What can you do about it?

We at The Company Store® offer a better path to healthy living.  Through organic cotton bedding products and pajamas, we ask one question.  Why not improve your life?

(Pictured: Organic Printed Cotton Voile Pajama Set available at The Company Store®)

Why organic cotton is different

Organic cotton starts you off on the right foot in how it gets harvested.  Instead of gathering cotton via machine, the standard way cotton gets harvested today, organic cotton farmers handpick their crops.  This puts their cotton ahead of the machine-harvested crops because it diminishes the risks of one of the first harmful processes cotton goes through, the washing.  During harvest, all that machine-harvested cotton gets mixed in with cotton seeds and the seed oil, requiring a thorough washing with heavy chemicals.  The organic crops get washed, too, but organic cotton farmers use all-natural methods — hot water and soaps derived from vegetables.


When cotton, either machine harvested or handpicked, gets to the clothes manufacturing stage it gets dyed to produce the various colors we wear each day.  Where another difference lies is in what chemicals are used here.  Whereas conventionally produced clothing uses strong, harmful dyes to color its fabric, organic cotton clothing processes uses chemicals of low impact to the environment.  And often natural dyes are used, such as clay and some kinds of plants.  An added benefit to dyes in organic cotton is their additional strength.  Conventional dyeing not only harms our bodies through the skin, but also breaks down the strength of the cotton fibers, leading to less durable clothing.  This is something the customers of The Company Store and its organic cotton bedding and pajama products buyers don’t have to worry about.


(Pictured: Organic Cotton Jersey Bedding available at The Company Store®).

Good for you, better for the environment!

Not only is organic cotton healthier for you, but if you’re trying to pursue a green lifestyle, it’s even better for the environment. According to aboutorganiccotton.org, producing organic cotton significantly reduces impact towards global warming, acidification of land and water, over fertilization, water consumption and energy use. This is all from its reduced agricultural inputs, field emissions, harmful chemical deposit into water, and energy savings due to production of fertilizer. Above all, organic cotton ensures no use of GMO seeds and no use of toxic chemicals.

(Pictured: Trailing Vine 300-Thread Count Organic Percale Bedding available at The Company Store®).

How we can help you

At The Company Store®, the direction you take to create a healthier lifestyle is in your hands; but we carry everything you need to make that choice. Come and start your journey with us to find more skin and body eco-friendly fabrics. For those with extra-sensitive skin, try some organic cotton pajamas. For those who want to improve their carbon footprint, make a conscious effort to buy fabrics made from organic cotton. Once you do so, see how beneficial it is to have the proper bedding.  We can offer you a wide selection of sheets, pillow covers, comforters, and duvets all made with organic, low-impact, and natural processes. And of course, our selections are all comfy and stylish—going green should never mean sacrifice!

Any questions?  Just ask!  Visit our website to purchase any of the organic cotton items mentioned above.  Find our contact information there, too.  Come with us on your journey to more skin and body eco-friendly fabrics.






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