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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home


As 2016 comes to a close, you’re likely thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. As you sign up for a new gym membership and make plans to try new things, have you thought about stopping the procrastination on making your home a better place to live?

Here’s some New Year’s resolutions you can make for your home in 2017.

(Pictured: Tufted Storage Bench, available at The Company Store®).

Get serious about decluttering.

Clutter accumulates without thinking about it. There are different types of clutter. One type is aspirational clutter which stems from those hobbies you have tried to pick up but never stuck with. On the other hand, trash can also masquerade as clutter, think about all the junk mail you have accumulated but haven’t gotten around to shredding. Due to clutter, the things you actually need aren’t stored where you can easily find them and so they get lost in the mix.

Get serious about decluttering. Donate, sell, or toss what you don’t need or want anymore. But remember when organizing, don’t sacrifice style! There are many chic storage pieces you can find, such as the storage bench shown above available at The Company Store®.


Make sure your home is safe.

Do you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every room? Do they have fresh batteries? You should also have your home tested for radon and mold to make sure everyone breathes easy. If you have an older home, your wiring and outlets might not be compatible with modern appliance so it can’t hurt to get an electrician in there to make sure everything is safe.


(Pictured: Pryor Organic Duvet Cover & Sham, available at The Company Store). 

Be kinder to the planet with your home life.

There are many simple ways to go green: start a compost pile, give glass jars a new life once you’re done with the contents, and keep the lights off in rooms when you’re not using them. You should also switch to more earth-friendly products like green cleaners that are less harsh on your tiles and counters, and organic cotton bedsheets, pillows, and pajamas (which are also kinder to your skin).


Keep a consistent weekly cleaning plan.

Life gets in the way and it’s too easy to slip on keeping your house clean. Make a list of daily and weekly cleaning tasks so that it’s less daunting and get the whole family involved. If you’re insanely overwhelmed, look into having a housekeeper come every one or two weeks as this often psychologically provokes you to do a cursory cleaning before the housekeeper arrives.


(Pictured: Embroidered Pillow Covers, available at The Company Store®).

Get your home company-ready.

Have you been putting off having friends over or hosting parties because you’re embarrassed at how your home looks? Take the above tips into account. They will help you create a safe, sparkling, and decluttered home to show off to family and friends. There is no need to splurge on a full living room or kitchen remodel. Some new furniture can give any room in your house the facelift it needs. Comfy pillows and throws adds a pop of color that will make your guests feel as if they’ve stepped into a magazine shoot. The Company Store®’s natural living editorial is a great read for ideas for updating your home décor for the New Year.

Sometimes you just need to make your home feel fresh as the New Year is a fresh start and some new bedding and décor could be just what you need to drive it home.




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