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Memorial Day Weekend: A guide to the perfect BBQ

Are you ready for Memorial Day Weekend and the “official” start of the summer season?  If you’re like me, you’ll want to host a barbecue party for your friends and family and (hopefully) enjoy some great weather.  Whether this is your first time hosting a barbecue party, or you’re an old pro, here are tips to keep your party fun, memorable, and cut down on the workload.


(Pictured: The San Mateo Outdoor collection available at The Company Store. Crafted of premium-quality solid teak, the San Mateo Collection of outdoor chairs and tables has comfortable cushioning and modular styling that can be arranged in countless combinations).

Think Outdoors

Even if the weather isn’t quite as cooperative as you might hope for, you still need outdoor seating, like our San Mateo Collection.  It’s stylish and comfortable — and beats those icky plastic chairs you bought at a big box retailer.  If you don’t have a covered patio, set up one of those outdoor party tents that will keep the worst off your guests.  Nobody will have to head indoors because of a few sprinkles.

You can decorate your tent with string lights, like those you use around the holidays.  Just be sure they’re rated for outdoor use, and you’ll be fine.  Thinking about a theme?  If you’re thinking beach, pick up some inexpensive beach pails and shovels to serve food in, use shells and starfish to decorate your table, and string fish netting over the tent. If you’re looking for a mountain theme, you can print out photos of famous mountains and use them as placemats. Whatever your theme is, be sure it’s evocative of summer.


Make It Easy

Your friends are coming to the party to get together and have fun.  It’s no sin to ask for a little help and make this a potluck.  You provide the basic barbecue meats and veggies — and ask your friends to bring a dish they would share with everyone else.  Plan on having enough choices so people can enjoy the food, but keep the ingredients and the choices manageable.  Check out allrecipes.com to see suggestions for great Memorial Day Recipes.  Since your guests will be bringing some dishes, you can plan around what they’ll bring so that the food you do make complements their dishes as well.


(Pictured: Engravable Pitcher available at The Company Store— crisp and streamlined, with a turned handle and tapered lip to make dispensing beverages effortless).

Make a Punch

Sure, you’ll have the ubiquitous beer at the party, but think about concocting some type of fruit punch (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to provide a bit of summertime sweetness. You can serve the drinks in our lovely Engravable Pitcher, and if you’re really a teetotaler, make some wonderful iced tea and add orange slices or mint to flavor it.  The presentation will make everyone come back for another glass.


Outdoor Games are a Must

It’s summertime, so what could be better than playing some outdoor games? Try horseshoes, badminton, or bocce ball for challenging your friends. Beanbag throw games are also pretty popular as well as water pistols. Maybe a volleyball net might bring a rousing game of volleyball.


What’s a party without music?  Choose some great summertime tunes or go over to Spotify,  Slacker, or Pandora and have them pick your Memorial Day mix.

Hopefully we’ve given you some great ideas for your Memorial Day Weekend party.  Be safe and have fun this holiday!




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