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Out With the Old, In With the New: How to Make the Most Out of Your Spring Cleaning

springcleaninggLet’s be honest: even if you love the fresh smell of your home after a deep clean, dedicating an entire weekend to spring cleaning is tough to do when fun outdoor activities beckon. Resist the urge to skimp on your cleaning this year! Instead, look at your spring-cleaning weekend as an opportunity to not only deep clean that grout tile floor, but also to freshen up your home décor and even institute new storage solutions.


Tackling everything at once can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a master to-do list. Instead, prioritize tasks based on room and necessity. Love to cook? Your kitchen is probably overdue for a deep clean: pull out all appliances and clean behind/underneath them; wipe down the fridge; and clean inside the oven. Have a “junk” closet or spare room you’ve been ignoring all winter? Dedicate a day to organizing and purging the room. Can’t wait to spend time outside? Wash off your patio, deck and driveway, dust off the patio furniture, and celebrate by firing up the grill for your first cook-off.

pic3spring_blog2A deep window cleaning is essential to letting the springtime sunshine and fresh air in. Wash all windows and hardware, wipe frames with a damp cloth, and brush away cobwebs and dirt from the exteriors. For a streak-free shine, make your own window cleaning solution by mixing one part white vinegar with one part hot water. Hate vacuuming dust and pet hair off the draperies? Make your life easier by investing in an affordable pair of machine washable drapes instead.


We all have a junk drawer, closet or room that keeps accumulating items no matter how many times we clean it out. Put a stop to the madness once and for all by instituting new storage solutions. Invest in attractive storage boxes that fit easily under your bed or stack on closet shelves. Dedicate each box to a specific need, whether it be a “catch all” holder for miscellaneous electronics or a box to store special mementos until you’ve had a chance to scrapbook them. Visually hiding clutter will instantly make your home feel more spacious and welcoming.



Use a solvent-free degreaser in the kitchen to clean cooking grime build-up off tiles and walls. Take everything off your bookshelves for a thorough dusting; gently wipe down book spines with a clean, soft cloth. Remove couch seat cushions and gently vacuum them using an upholstery extension. Synthetic carpets and rugs with waterproof backings can be deep cleaned using a rotary shampoo machine. Call in the professionals to handle any oriental rugs without backings. Finally, don’t forget to reseal grout. This extremely porous material stains easily; use a small foam brush to reseal your grout and protect your tile.
pic5spring_blog1Now that you’ve dusted, vacuumed and purged your home of clutter, bring warmth and brightness to your home with new accent pieces. Dislike your dark hallway or entryway? Brighten up your space by strategically positioning a mirror on the wall to reflect light back into the room. Tired of your old family room furniture but don’t have the budget for a big upgrade? Breathe new life into your space by re-arranging the furniture and adding new decorative pillows to the sofa or a beautiful glass vase to hold fresh flowers. Small additions make a big impact!

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