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How to Make Your Bedroom the Perfect Valentine’s Day Getaway

Candlelight is Key


Having the right ambiance is key to setting a romantic mood. Place scented candles all around the room in sweeter scents like vanilla, coconut, or hazelnut. Those scents are warm and lush which will certainly get you in the mood for love.


          Add a Fun Mirror


Play with light by adding a mirror over the bed, or go for a floor length piece placed against the wall so you can make sure you’re looking Valentine-ready.  On a decorating side note, a big mirror can also make the room seem bigger.



Lush Drapery


If you don’t have a canopy bed—and really who does?— you might want to hang lush beautiful drapes from the ceiling on the sides of the bed.  They’re sure to add a lovely whimsical touch of romanticism to the room. Plus, they can add a little cozy privacy to your bed area which is also appealing.


Sexy Bedding


High quality bedding feels luxurious and special. You can do something in sateen, silk or even satin for a luxe feel that isn’t your everyday cotton bedding. Deep maroon, rich purple, or even sexy red can be hot colors for the bedding that will get you in the mood to roll around in your new sheets with your partner.


Extra Pillows


Plush pillows thrown about the bed can make it more comfortable to lounge around in for long periods of romantic one-on-one time. Which is exactly what you want on Valentine’s night, right? Lots of quality time with your spouse. Even if it’s just to sit back and “Netflix and chill” with your loved one.



Musical Interludes



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Set up your iPod or smartphone musical playlist to a decent set of portable speakers. Then play your favorite romantic tunes in the background, or sometimes smooth jazz beats will spark that romantic feeling to set the mood.


You can make your bedroom the inspiration for the best Valentine’s Day ever. It doesn’t even have to be that special holiday to set just the right mood for love anytime. You’ll enjoy these exceptional home décor touches all year long.

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