6 Interior Design Trends for 2016


It’s not just what’s on the outside that counts; the inside matters, too. Though that sentiment is typically associated with a person’s body, it can also apply to the home. The proper décor with interior design can inspire serenity, promote productivity, and boost confidence. Before getting started on your spring cleaning, consider adopting these interior design trends for 2016.



Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Bathrooms have much more allowance for personality than other rooms in your home, so why not take advantage of it? Go for opulent, quirky, whimsical, or stylized with your mirror. Let it reflect your personality in a big and bold way.



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Work can be unrelenting, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uninteresting.

Though sitting on your bed with laptop in tow may seem like the most comfortable option, it’s not always the most productive one. Square away a corner in your bedroom for an office space and synchronize its style. Make it stylish to the point where it entices you to work there; it’ll buoy your mood and make for an organized and efficient work environment.








Dim lighting may come with a certain je ne sais quoi allure, but it’s not always the best for your vision long-term. By outfitting your rooms with various lamps, you’re giving a more customized lighting control over to both you and your guests.

Floor lamps, desk lamps, wall lamps, and more help shine a spotlight — literally — on the places where it’s needed most. As lamps become more popular in the new year, their visual varieties have become more readily available. Add something old-fashioned, modern, or eye-catching to illuminate your design choices.







Tech-Free Living Spaces

With each passing year, technology becomes more accessible, prevalent, and, in some cases, inescapable. Modern technological innovations are improving the world in myriad ways, but they’re also teaching people the value of unplugging.

Design some spaces — living rooms, bedrooms — to ditch the screens, chargers, and extraneous wires. Utilize bookshelves, magazines, board games, and other means of entertainment. Having these tech-free areas will improve your concentration and peace of mind.








Mixed Metals

Strike gold by moving beyond just that – gold! Infuse a combination of shades including silver, platinum, bronze, gold, and other metallic hues to create a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Just don’t go overboard with it, or else you’ll leave the room — and your guests — feeling a bit cold.

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Floral Bedding

On the flipside,consider bringing in some warmth to your bedroom spaces with the assistance of floral bedding.

Bedrooms should be inviting, comforting, and encouraging. Floral bedding facilitates a positive ambiance with bright colors and a callback to the “au naturel.” Make mornings less painful by giving yourself something exciting and bright to wake up to.



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