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New Year’s Eve Party Themes

New Year’s Eve holds special meaning throughout your young life. You probably remember watching your parents get dressed for a fancy dinner party to go out with friends, and that it was the first time you were allowed to stay up past midnight. You might have gone out front to bang pots and pans at twelve or watched the ball drop on TV, and you definitely remember the first time you celebrated with your own friends. Then came young adult life and New Year’s Eve became an event you looked forward to – and not having plans was just depressing. You might have hopped from party to party or celebrated in a local bar or club.

As you grow more mature, building your life and settling into your career, those frenzied parties of your early twenties don’t sound like that much fun. But that’s no reason not to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the style it deserves. Here are three great ideas to bring back the fun in New Year’s Eve.


Glam It Up Old Hollywood Style


You might not want to spend the night in a frenzy, running from one disappointing event to another, but that’s no reason you can’t celebrate the turning of the year in style. Throwing an Old Hollywood themed party is not as difficult as it sounds and your guest list will have a great time getting dressed and enjoying the occasion. Plan this party well in advance to give your invitees time to prepare. You can suggest they come as their favorite stars from a certain era and even offer a small prize for the most recognizable costume. You can create your own invitations following the theme, and decorations can be the traditional black, silver or gold, and white. You can even add a red carpet, to give that Hollywood feel. For your drinks list, bring back some old time favorites – how about dirty martini’s for the Rat Pack among your crew?


New Year’s Eve Game Night


Want to ring in your new year relaxing with a few close friends and family? There’s nothing wrong with that! How about hosting a game night? Depending on your crowd, you might want to try something a little more risque, like Cards Against Humanity, which is sure to bring more than a few laughs. For a more conservative option, try out trivia night – where guests can be both comical and creative. You can host a pot luck or plan a meal arranged on the table as a buffet, so everyone can make their own plates throughout the evening. It’s less muss and fuss and more enjoying the time with your friends.


A Jamma Jam!


Jamma Jam, what a catchy name. Really it’s just a pajama party. This is an especially great idea if couples you’re inviting also have kids – and who says you can’t ring in the New Year in a simultaneously cozy and stylish way? The party is liable to break up later than bedtime and this way the kids are already ready for bed. For this laid back party you might want to wear festive or funny pajama pants and comfy, warm socks. Serve easy-to-prepare comfort foods, fun snacks and desserts; drinks are optional… Definitely some hot chocolate for the kids, though!



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