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15 Easy Holiday Decorating Tips

It doesn’t pay to get hung up on holiday home decor. An inviting, festive atmosphere can be created without having to dig deep into your pockets or hiring a professional decorator. Here are a few holiday decorating tips to deck your halls:


1Bring the outdoors in. A garland of pine or natural pinecones can grace your entryway. Add a bow to the center of the swag and drape it over the fireplace or doorway, tacking it in place.



2Add a tasteful touch to your mantel. A row of decorative votives paired with white amaryllis or paper whites can add both texture and light to your room without overpowering the space.





3Decorate with a monochromatic color. Select a color theme, such as red and white, and group peppermints, candy canes and red bows on a small tree or in a matching bowl.




4Use ornaments for more than just the tree. Group and hang glistening ornaments from the ceiling to catch and reflect the light.





5_Let it snow! Use white spray paint to welcome in old man winter. Spray generously on wreaths or natural arrangements. Take a day and venture to a local park, picking up a few sprigs of pine, adding a little white spray paint, and simple ribbon, or twine and bells.




6Ribbons for the swag and arrangements? Check. What about the stemware? Elevate your dining aesthetic by tying a spectrum of colored ribbons around wineglasses and champagne flutes. This serves a dual purpose, as they make it easy for guests to identify their own glass while adding a little oomph.




7Make a tasty centerpiece with a colorful combo. Use one to three glass compotes and fill them with a mixture of clementines and peppermint balls.

comptes - Copy



8Need a little holiday flair near mantles or seating? Purchase some discounted bamboo plant stakes; insert five-foot stakes at the perimeter of a planted evergreen; and bind them at the tip with wire. Weave white lights and additional sparkle throughout the structure.



9Create a festive window. Cut a few lengths of ribbon and tie them to a tension rod fitted in the frame. Add on vintage ornaments approximately 5 inches apart from each other. Keep to one theme or mix it up.




10Personalize your place settings. Select clear glass orbs and add garland, trinkets, even a personalized quote that reminds you of each guest. Allow guests to take them home as a special keepsake.




11Light up the way. Unused wine decanters and snifters can be filled with an array of small candles. Park them along the dining room table or entryway table.

decanter - Copy



12Showcase the year’s memories. Print out your favorite pictures of friends and family and clothespin them to a slim stick held by two vases. Email guests to bring in a few of their year’s funniest and warmest moments to share.




13Mix it up. Fill a few glass jars and vases with evergreens and mistletoe and group them together for more visual impact.




14Think seasonal. Choosing jewel tone linens and just adding a traditional decorative item or centerpiece will allow you to reuse them for other events.




15Engage the senses. Scented candles, baked cookies, and the hint of cinnamon in the air are simple ways to get everyone into the holiday spirit.




Making new memories should be the focus of the holiday season. With a little creativity, it is possible to decorate the home with the best trappings of the holiday season.

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