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Create A Relaxing Home By Engaging The Senses



Jodi Heyman: The Company Store, Brand Manager, hardgoods. Industrial Designer & Urban Zen Integrative Therapist living in NYC. Design Style: Minimalist

This is it- we get one shot at life and are able to design a lifestyle and home that we LOVE. As a designer and integrative therapist I believe the way in which your home is decorated and designed can impact your overall well-being.  By engaging the senses, filling your space with products you love, you can create a sacred and relaxing space that brings joy to your life. Indulge your senses by bringing together things that revitalize and calm you. Surround yourself with products, artwork, sculpture, fabrics, photography, memoirs, anything that you love and that inspires you to create your own haven of wholesome goodness.

How to get started:

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GET INSPIRED. The first step is to understand your personal style.
Create an image board of products that inspire you and that you want your home to represent.  Limit your selection to ten images, you must LOVE each image. Review the image board and identify any common themes you see.  Use this as a starting point to begin your transformation. Start with one room or space in your home.


number2 - CopyGive room for your senses to breathe, so clear away the clutter. Treat your space as if it is sacred. Make your bed before leaving the house.  Keep items put away, utilize closets, under the bed storage solutions to keep your space open and airy. Clean out your closets and only keep the clothes you love. Add mirrors to create the illusion of space.


The Company Store ComforterBDDW MirrorArchiproduct Wood TableBBDW Storage

number3Bring the outdoors in:  Incorporate house plants, open a window and let the fresh breeze in, if you have a terrace or backyard treat this space as an extension of your home.


Carved Teak Bowl Planter, Floyd Leg

number4COLOR: Ever heard about color therapy?  Colors have the ability to heal your spirit. Consider adding the following colors to your walls or décor;

Blue is a very soothing color that helps calm your mind and reduces tension. It’s often used in bedrooms because of its ability to help people sleep. Violet can bring inner balance and peace. Pink helps bring peace and calmness to a room. Green symbolizes nature and helps us feel calm and refreshed. Gray, can provide a very soothing and cooling effect to a room.


The Company Store Rugs

number5LIGHTING: Open your curtains and let the natural light in whenever possible.  Put your lights on a dimmer or use candles to create an ambiance in the evening.


Coordination Lamps

Shape-Up PendantLindsay Adelman Lamp, Jason Miller LampLambert LampKelly Wearstler LampBec Britain LampAperatus Candles

number6TEXTURE/TOUCH:  Layer fabrics and textures together to create cozy and inviting spaces.  Curate your book shelves with found objects like stones, crystals, horns and artwork.


number7SCENT:  Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile compounds, distilled from plants and herbs, that not only smell nice but they have antibacterial properties that may promote healing.  Try adding them to your Epsom salt to create a relaxing bath.


Essential Oils

step8SOUND:  Turn on your favorite music to help reduce anxiety and set the mood of the room or play with the sounds of singing bowls.


ABC Carpet Singing Bowls

step9TASTE: Host a dinner party, invite friends and family over for cocktails and dinner. Cook something simple using local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. 


Plenty Cook Book

“These are just a few of the practices I live by and hope they will inspire you to create the lifestyle and home you LOVE.”





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