Labor Day Party Ideas

Labor Day is quickly approaching. You will likely have the day off on Monday, September 7 and the thought of hosting a party has likely crossed your mind. Instead of having another pool party or barbecue this year, consider some of the Labor Day party ideas listed below.

A Blue Collar Party

Labor Day is all about honoring hard workers, especially those who work with their hands. While everyone loves to barbecue and jump in the pool, those activities become a bit too routine after years of enjoyment. Have a blue collar or “trade” party instead. Your trade party can honor the unions and trades that keep America running like the well oiled machine that it is. Plan a menu as if you are packing up lunch pails for a rough and rugged 9 to 5 grind. That means simple sandwiches, potato chips, pickles and other scrumptious finger foods. Decorate some old tool boxes with flowers and other party sundries and use them as table centerpieces.

Seafood by the Fire Pit

Labor Day falls late enough on the calendar to qualify as a summer holiday. Seafood is undoubtedly one of the best summer foods. Gather your family around the fire pit and enjoy some crab, lobster, shrimp, salmon and chips. Be sure to include some options besides shellfish as it is almost inevitable that one of your party-goers will have a shellfish allergy. Serve heaping portions of delicious seafood in tin buckets to create a bit more of a rustic feel.

A Red, White and Blue Labor Day Party

If you are feeling especially patriotic, celebrate America’s working class heroes with a red, white and blue Labor Day party theme. Have your guests don the colors of the flag and decorate your party space with a patriotic theme. A red, white and blue layered flag cake will make for the perfect end to your Labor Day party.

A Blue Jean Labor Day

Aside from apple pie, there is nothing more American than a pair of time tested, comfortable blue jeans. Blue jeans are representative of America’s hardest workers. It’s what working men and women slide into after a tiring day of physical labor. Some even wear blue jeans on the job. So grab your family’s blue jeans and use them in every way possible for your party. They can be displayed as decorations, used as table covers and worn by each party-goer. It’s the perfect theme for a Labor Day party. You will feel luxuriously comfortable as you lean back in your chair with your blue jeans, a plate full of barbecue and a cold drink. Plus, you’ll undoubtedly have an abundance of guests attending your party because everyone loves the look and feel of blue jeans.

An all White Labor Day

Years ago, traditional Americans would avoid wearing white after Labor Day. Nowadays, just about no one pays attention to that unwritten rule. Organize an all white Labor Day party to cap off the summer in style. Have every party attendee wear an all white outfit without exception. Match your table linens to the guests’ white clothing for complete aesthetic conformity. If you want to go all out with the white Labor Day party theme, make white colored side dishes and desserts. You can even incorporate white entrees and snacks like swordfish, popcorn, crackers and cheese for the ultimate all white Labor Day event.


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