Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

We all deserve a place to relax. The one place that most of us can have for our own, the place where we can lock the door and truly expect a level of privacy is the bathroom.  The challenge then is to turn your bathroom into a spa that allows you to have peace.


A bright bathroom can be a great thing.  It can help wake children up when they get ready for school, or a bright bathroom can be inviting to guests.  What you need for your own place to pamper yourself and unwind when you need to is calming and soothing colors rather than something bright.  Off whites and pastels are great color schemes to create a spa setting.  These colors help to create a pleasant and soothing mood while you relax and listen to soothing music with the lights down while bath salts help soak the stress and tension from your body.


Dim lights are important when it comes to creating a peaceful mood in your home spa.  When soaking after a long day of work, whether at an office, or taking care of children, you want your time in the tub to be relaxing.  Keeping lights low and off of you is an important part of relaxing.  Another option is to keep the lights off, but to relax using a variety of beautiful candles.  Candles can not only give off a dim glow to help set a mood of relaxation, but candles can also emit warm, even peaceful scents that make people relax.  Whether you choose to use votive candles or larger candles, a big step in creating a spa like atmosphere is the warm glow of candles, with soothing music, or watching your favorite television program uninterrupted is like a slice of spa heaven.


Just like sheets have thread counts that indicate their quality, towels have GSM, or grams per square meter.  The higher the GSM, the softer and more absorbent the towel is.  Much like luxurious sheets, the best towels are considered to be made of Egyptian cotton.  The American version of the high end towels found in spas is pima cotton. If you want to create your own spa, Egyptian or pima cotton towels look and feel like you’re drying yourself with the softest towels from heaven.


Jars and Canisters:

Oils and bath salts can be stored in clear glass, or colored glass containers that will help add to the relaxing ambiance of your home spa.  Keep matches for candles, as well as other frequently used items in these glass canisters to help make your time spent relaxing even more comfortable.


Another accent to create spa like feeling can be a tray that spans across the width of the bathtub.  A tray like this can be used to keep a glass of wine, a magazine, or just about anything within easy reach and out of the water.  You can also keep bath oils in it to add more while you’re relaxing, or the remote control for your music or television.

Bubbling Water

Another option for those who prefer roiling and relaxing water rather than still streams, they might add jets that can massage and force tire muscles and joints into relaxed submission.

A bathroom spa can help anyone unwind after a stressful day.  A glass of wine, warm water, relaxing scents, and your favorite entertainment can all help push that stress and tension down the drain.

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