Summer Bedding Essentials

It’s official. Too much heat makes sleepers restless. Summer brings on high temps and with the AC pumping, your body does not know what to do- sweat or shiver. Bedding should be changed to meet the needs of your body and provide a comfortable sleep. Find bedding that naturally encourages the transfer of your body heat. Learn what fabrics to use for your summer bedding.

Summer Bedding Essentials

Trade those thick comforters for cooler summer and blanket weight comforters. You need less fabric and material during summer months. If you generally feel hot when sleeping, go for a coverlet that will help allow your body heat to escape easily. Look for fabrics that are breathable and moisture-wicking. Stay dry and comfortable when you choose a good quality fabric that is suited to your personal needs and style.

Cotton Stands the Test of Time

Cotton is known as a breathable and lightweight fabric. It is believed that the Indus Valley Civilization first spun the material in 4,000 B.C. and even now cotton is a part of contemporary fabrics used in bedding, towels, clothing and decorative items. The natural construction of every porous fiber enables it to wick away sweat. The hollow center of each fiber allows fast absorption and release of perspiration. Items such as towels and bath robes particularly benefit from using cotton or a cotton blend. Towels and bathrobes quickly dry when hung or washed, reducing bacterial growth and accompanying smell. Cotton can be customized to taste. Blend with spandex for more stretch or increase the bedding count for a more luxurious feel.

Sleep like an Egyptian

Linen is a material used in lightweight fabrics that help you stay cool when temperatures rise. The material is derived from flax plants.  Linen has been around as early as 8,000 B.C. It was widely used in Ancient Egypt, a necessary fabric for regulating core body temperatures in extreme conditions. The composite materials in linen naturally wick away moisture and have an antimicrobial feature within the material itself. Linen makes an excellent choice for sheets and pillowcases as heat naturally disperses. Linen is a durable fabric with fibers that are two to three times as strong as cotton. Bedding and clothing using linen do not experience static or pilling. Choose linen as a durable and lightweight fabric for bedding and more.


Rethink Pajamas and Sleepwear


Slip into something a little more comfortable and lightweight when temperatures rise. Sheer or thin fabrics make the perfect materials for clothing on a hot, summer night. Get a fun print, such as on our pink and orange flamingo pajama set, to show that you are no stranger to fun.Pick prints and shades that reflect your personal taste and get a good night’s rest. Your bedding and sleepwear should be as comfortable and inviting as you are.



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