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6 Ways to Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Letting your child to fall asleep and stay asleep can be a never ending challenge. These 6 tips and tricks will help you get your kids to sleep in a flash:

Establish Routines

When you establish a bedtime routine, it provides your child with adequate time to calm down and get ready for bed. Common components of a good bedtime routine include a bath, brushing their teeth, a story, and a prayer. Parents of older children may choose to give their children independent reading time before bed. Your routine will become more familiar to your child as you follow it each day.

Give a Bathe or Shower

A warm bath or shower right before bed can help children fall asleep faster. When the body temperature slowly cools, it promotes relaxation and rest, resulting in sleep without a fight.

Require Your Children to “Unplug”

Encourage your children to avoid electronic devices and television after supper. Require your children to sleep without their phones or tablets; asking them to charge their devices in the living room or kitchen at night is a good way to achieve this. The blue light emitted from these devices as well as calls, texts, and notifications are known to interrupt sleep patterns.

Encourage Physical Activity

Studies show that children who are physically active during the day sleep better at night. Encourage your children to walk, run, dance, jump, and climb as much as possible during the day and afternoon to promote restful, uninterrupted sleep.

Control the Temperature

Keeping your child’s bedroom slightly cooler at night can promote a good night’s sleep. When children crawl under the covers, their body heat fills the space and is contained by warm covers. After a few hours of sleep, children often become too warm and awake as a result. Keeping the bedroom 2-5 degrees cooler at night can prevent waking in the night and help your children sleep later in the morning.

Discourage Violent Media

Many children – particularly those under eight years old – have difficulty falling and staying asleep due to fear. Monitor ratings on television shows, movies, and video games to prevent exposure to violence at a young age and promote quality sleep habits.

Helping your child fall asleep quickly and stay asleep throughout the night is as simple as establishing routines, promoting physical activity, and monitoring and managing exposure to electronic devices and television. And let’s face it: quality sleep for them means quality sleep for you.

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