Favorite Finds: Table Lamps (part 2)

Whether on a credenza, next to the couch, at bedside, on your desk – table lamps work well anywhere you need a little extra light to get you through your days and nights. Yes, we’ve covered lamps before in our Favorite Finds section, but we just can’t get enough! This time, we looked for lamps that best capture our idea of fall – warm, natural, and a little bit rustic!

This lamp from Cottage and Bungalow is made from recycled and reclaimed boards from Indonesian wharves, hence the name Fisherman’s Wharf Table Lamp. We love the simplicity of form, easily blending in with a cabin-type atmosphere or a seaside retreat.

This gourd lamp is so fun and versatile. We can picture it lighting up the corner of a comfy study or livingroom but it’s playful shape lends itself to being perfectly suited for a nursery or children’s bedroom, too! (via Candelabra)

What a wonderful and unique way to light up your bedside or reading nook! The bulb sits covered on a on a mango wood base as if it were a piece of fragile art. We love the idea of using an antique radio, Edison, or Victorian-style bulb so their glowing filaments are on display. (via Terrain)

Pairing these hammered metal bases with their nickel patina along with a cream linen shade makes these great accent lamps for a bohemian or ecclectic den or bedroom. Their unique textures will definitely grab the attention of guests – perfect talking-pieces! (via The Company Store)

Truly one of a kind. This handmade mini jar table lamp by Mark Schilling consists of a deep red stoneware body with poured on dark brown glaze. Warm, inviting, and its small size is super adorable!

Solid walnut legs, a natural linen shade, and cloth-covered cord make this a great lamp for all you modern and minimal-minded decorators out there. (via Ample Furniture)

For a sure-fire showstopper, look no further than the Set Lamp from Emonili. This industrial-style lamp is made from reclaimed motorcycle parts, finished to look like a true antique. We especially like the mesh wire over the bulb – it’s sure to create some striking light patterns!

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