Canine Care: 7 Tips To Make Your House Dog-Friendly

The dog may be humanity’s best friend, but dog ownership is still a challenge. Dogs can be restless, destructive, and dirty, and many owners overcompensate for these traits by placing excessive restrictions on their pets. The following steps will leave your dog happy and free while preserving your home from its worst behaviors:

Vacuum Vigorously

This is as much for your dog’s protection as for your own. While your dog may track mud and dirt on your carpet, your carpet accumulates dust particles and allergens that can make the dog sick. By vacuuming regularly, you can eliminate health risks to your pet and damage to your carpet in one fell swoop.

Set Up A Staging Zone

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and while vacuuming will always be necessary, you can minimize your effort by designating a certain area of the home to bring your dog inside. Choose an area close to a door, keep a supply of towels and leashes nearby, and make sure to clear away any items that are vulnerable to stains. This way, you can clean your dog as soon as she comes in, clean the staging zone, and not have to worry about vacuuming anything else.

Wash Wisely

Besides setting up a staging area, regularly bathing and brushing your dog will further reduce her ability to dirty the house. Proper grooming allows you to catch loose hair and skin early on, preventing it from ending up on your furniture, in your carpet, or in other areas where it’s hard to extract.

Erect An Easy Entrance

Even well-trained dogs don’t like waiting to do their business, so if you own your house, build a small door to allow your pet to get in and out at will. Just make sure to fence off the area outside the door; you wouldn’t want your dog running away.

Consider Your Carpet

All the precautions in the world won’t prevent your dog from occasionally staining the carpet, so many dog owners choose hard floors over carpet. If you insist on having carpets, low pile ones will be easier to clean.

Build A Dog Bed

Your dog is less likely to cause trouble if she has a comfy place to sleep, so prepare a crate for her with soft bedding and plenty of space to move around. If you’re worried that a dog bed will take up too much room, place the bed underneath a hanging shelf or table. With some clever positioning, you won’t have to choose between the dog’s comfort and your convenience.

Take Care With Toys

A dog with something to chew on is less likely to gnaw on furniture, but be careful about just what you give her. Rawhide bones and pig ears are fun for your dog but will create messes and foul smells. Instead, give your dog a rubber toy.

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