Breakfast In Bed- Decadent Bacon Sandwich

Breakfast doesn’t always have to be boring. While oatmeal, yogurt, and fruits are the staple of a good morning’s meal, sometimes all you need is a little bacon-sweetness while relaxing in bed. If the thought of sizzling bacon makes your mouth water, then this delectable bacon recipe will be the perfect addition to your breakfast in bed!

Preparation and ingredients

You can make this treat for one or more with just a few simple adjustments. For more people, simply make extra eggs and use more English muffins. The standard 1lb of bacon will be more than enough for four people.

• An oven

• Cooking tray (round or flat)

• Parchment paper

• 1lb (more or less) of bacon

• Maple syrup or brown sugar (or both!)

• Pecans (optional)

• Eggs

• Milk (or almond milk)

• English muffins

Savory sweet bacon

To make your bacon extra delicious, cook it beforehand with a touch of maple syrup, brown sugar, or even both! To do this, you will need to preheat your oven to 425 and then place parchment paper along a metal tray. If you decide to use both the sugar and syrup, spread the syrup on the bacon before adding sugar to ensure that it stays. Let it cook in the oven for about 20 minutes, and make sure to drain the pan of oil at the halfway mark to prevent oily bacon.

This bacon alone could make for a great breakfast, and you can always add your own twist by adding some black pepper or even coconut shavings. Toasted pecans can also be mixed and cooked with the syrup to add a glazed sweetness.

Bacon with a side of…

Now let’s ramp up the indulgence to make your breakfast in bed truly unforgettable. While the bacon is cooling off, you can begin preparing some scrambled eggs. Try using almond milk to help enhance the egg’s pairing with the bacon. Almond milk has a richer and nuttier flavor that greatly compliments sweetened foods.

Next, toast an English muffin and use each half as the base of your open-faced sandwich. The reason for having an open-faced sandwich is to ensure that nothing blocks the taste of your amazing bacon. Remember, the bacon is the star here, and the sandwich is mostly a delivery method for your bacon. Add some scrambled eggs on top of one half and then rest two strips of bacon across the eggs. This allows the bacon to be on the forefront and everything else will simply complement its tasty glory. The eggs themselves are not too strong, and English muffins are tasteless enough to not overpower the rest.

Play around with this recipe, or try adding the sweet bacon to other great foods. You can chop the bacon up and put it into an omelette or grilled cheese. You can also just eat it plain along with dark coffee to enjoy your decadent breakfast. While this morning treat is guaranteed to delight, you’ll want to avoid dropping any of the syrupy bacon onto your bedding!

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