5 Apps to Help You Get a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is an essential part of overall health, but most people are quick to skimp on sleep when life gets too hectic. Getting a better night of sleep involves a number of aspects that can be helped by different apps for your smartphone. From sleep measurements, to help falling asleep, and gentle alarm clock apps, there are many ways a smartphone can help you get more restorative sleep each night.

The Sleep Better App

This app helps you feel more refreshed in the morning by monitoring your sleep cycles throughout the night and waking you when you are in state of light sleep. You set the alarm, and at the closest point between the alarm and when you are lightly sleeping, the alarm will go off to wake you up. This ensures that you are less groggy throughout the day, and you will rely less on stimulants such as caffeine to keep you going. The phone is placed under your pillow at night and you wake up to a record of how you slept throughout the night, with the ability to record your dreams as well.

The Sleep Better App


Relax Melodies

Part of a good night’s sleep rests within the sounds you are hearing as you sleep. The difference between quality sleep and interrupted sleep can be be achieved by using the Relax Melodies app. This app offers plenty of relaxing sounds for you to fall asleep to, or you can keep it on throughout the night. Choose from sounds like rain, winds, birds, piano or ocean, or create a list so that different sounds will play at intervals throughout the night. This app also offers one guided meditation in the free version, and more are available in the purchased one.

Relax Melodies App


Smart Alarm Clock

With this app, you can record noises and motion throughout the night to give you a better indication of how you are sleeping. A smart alarm clock will wake you with any number of the songs offered in the wake-up library, and if you have trouble falling asleep you can listen to tracks of mostly white noise for up to 90 minutes. This app includes nightly and monthly sleep graphs, which will help you calculate if your sleep is improving over time.

Smart Alarm Clock App


Dream Talk Recorder

This can be a fun app for those that wonder what they are saying in the middle of the night as they dream. This app records you sleeping throughout the night, capturing any of the crazy things you might say in your sleep. While this might not improve your sleep overall, it will give you insight into what you are dreaming about each night. It’s a fun app that can be fun to use if you have been told that you talk in your sleep and you want to know what you are saying.

Dream Talk Recorder App



Pzizz uses a large library of media to create a unique sound for you each night to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Using a combination of words, music, sounds and beats, this app can be set from 10 minutes up to 10 hours. This app will relax you and re-energize you, all at the right times. When you want to try a different type of sound app to help you sleep at night, the pzizz app is a great one to try. This is an app where you won’t hear the same combination of sounds twice, providing you with new and interesting sounds each night. It’s an easy app to use and you can control the volume.

Pzizz App

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