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11 Tips for Hosting a Sizzling Outdoor Summer Party

It is time to move the party outdoors. On some summer days and nights it is a crime not to be outside with guests. Outdoor entertaining can be anticipated with great delight. 11 Tips make it easier than ever for hosts to prepare for a summer party.

1. Set up the space for fun. Summer parties involve bright colors and a laid back vibe. Have a comfortable seating arrangement that invites conversation. Add cushions to seats for additional comfort and keep metal and plastic furniture out of the sun to stay cool.

2. Let your furniture do double duty. If you have limited space or rarely entertain outdoors, use indoor tables and chairs outdoors. Glass, china and silverware offer more support than disposable options and are better for the environment.

3. Spruce up the area. Worn decks need a bit of sanding and a fresh coat of paint. Add a splash of color with bright cheerful weather-resistant drapes and linens.

4. Follow the rule of 3. Pick 3 main colors within your theme and coordinate decorations, flowers, napkins and more accordingly.

5. Create warm and inviting areas. Create different areas for guests to sit and relax. Some areas may be more open and others can use space dividers and natural elements of the landscape to create a sense privacy. Group chairs and long low seating with a table or two for drinks and dishes.

6. Create multiple zones. Food prep and barbecue, a dining area and various seating arrangements make it easy on hosts and guests. Keep it all at your fingertips.

7. Summer calls for a pool party. Have extra essentials available for guests. Include extra towels, sunscreen, ear plugs and more in a convenient area outdoors. Have plenty of cold beverages available and arrange a canopy and umbrellas for additional shade when guests need to rest a moment and cool down. A pergola provides an all-season shade solution.

8.  Camera, lights, action. Either day or night, guests need the right lighting to snap an impromptu picture of the moment. Strings of light create a more festive environment as the sun goes down and there are solar lanterns or battery-operated candles for a safe and functional alternative.

9. Urban dwellers might have it the best. Without a backyard or patio space, what is a host to do? Make it a rooftop party. Take advantage of an amazing view, enjoy fresh breezes and create multiple seating areas for guests.

10. Make it easy to talk, drink and eat. Some have limited space for tables. Colorful trays work both to present the options available and to carry them to other locations as the party progresses. Glasses, dishware should be of durable construction.

11. Enjoy the party. Whether you choose to cook, barbecue or get the affair catered, planning in advance and the associated preparation makes the day of the party that much easier to enjoy.

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