10 Packing Essentials for a Family Day at the Beach

It is summer. Let’s go to the beach. It seems like an easy concept but when there are children in tow it becomes much more complicated. Parents need to plan for the comfort of their children and themselves. It also helps to think about outdoor activities that keep kids entertained during lulls. Prepacking a few necessary items makes it possible for both parents and children to enjoy themselves at the beach.

1. Surgical tape and gauze. It is very easy to cut to size for a variety of cuts and scrapes that occur anytime children are outdoors.

2. Plastic blow-up toys. Easily fill and deflate for easier packaging. Older children can help do the honors.

3. Scan important documents. Scan and keep a copy of your driver’s license within the United States and a passport if on vacation outside of the United States. Email them to yourself for additional peace of mind.

4. Have a handy tote bag. Carry any number of essentials with canvas bags that have zippered interior pockets to prevent the loss of keys and other small items.

5. Bring plenty of water and a few Pedialyte powder packs. Temperatures can easily soar come noon and children often disregard initial symptoms of heat exhaustion during play. The powder packs can help replenish necessary electrolytes that are released while sweating and the water will help children avoid dehydration.

6. Create a shady area. Whether you use a pop-up tent or a beach umbrella, a shaded area is necessary for everyone when they need a break from direct sun.

7. Protect the family from excessive sun exposure. Children’s skin is very delicate. Light-colored breathable shirts with good coverage are excellent to have with you for addition prevention. Have a decent sunblock with a minimum SPF of 30 and do not forget lotion on the face, neck and ears. Set your phone alarm to remember to reapply. Wide brimmed hats are useful for those that are fair-skinned and for infants and toddlers.

8. Carry zip-lock plastic bags. Parent can carry LEGOs and other water and sand-resistant toys to entertain the little ones when they are on the towel. Children can collect shells, beach glass and other items and place them in a bag preventing sand from getting everywhere. They also come in handy for wet bathing suits and garments.

9. Bring a change of dry clothing. Either carry it with the family to the beach or leave it in the car. A fresh change of clothes becomes useful when kids are wet, tired and hungry. The family rushes to a casual diner or restaurant with the AC on high in sticky and damp clothing. Keep the family comfortable by providing a fresh change of clothing.

10. Let each child carry their own backpack of necessities. It helps distribute the weight and each child can have snacks, water, journals, toys and a towel ready when they want them.

A little preplanning makes a family outing to the beach a relaxing time and fun for everyone.


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