The Comfort Mix: Light Interiors, Brilliant DIYs, and a Melty Treat

Each week, we round up our favorite posts dealing with all things comfort. Share some finds of your own in the comments below!

  • Decoratualma has put together a perfect set of photos that capture the beauty of decorating with white – with pops of brilliant color throughout, of course! White is the go-to neutral for us because it pairs perfectly with any shade.
  • Looking for a DIY project for the weekend? Try the super simple No-Sew Burlap Bedskirt from StyleBerry Blog! Bedskirts add so much more to the look and feel of your bed and are also a great way to hide any of that underbed storage. The burlap in this example adds a lived-in and rustic touch the overall look of the bed but we imagine that it can easily be swapped in for a similar fabric of your choice.
  • Here’s a crowd-pleasing desert to enjoy on a warm summer’s day: chocolate chip cookie ice cream bars! It’s compact, no-fuss, and totally easy to assemble. head over to Pinch of Yum for the recipe and amazing photographs that will have you drooling.
  • We’ve always been fans of Jenna Sue‘s design projects and her latest has got us itching to refinish our own cabinets! Check out her post for step-by-step photos. The final product is something to be proud of and works well within her office space. The addition of texture wallpaper is genius!
  • This small space featured on Design Elements is so peaceful, light, and airy. We love the combination of hard, sleek architectural lines with the soft and naturalistic decor. There are so many details to take in with each photograph. Truly inspirational!


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2 comments on “The Comfort Mix: Light Interiors, Brilliant DIYs, and a Melty Treat

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for linking me! There is a company store duvet on every bed in my house–my fave, for sure! 🙂

    • You’re so welcome, Shawna! We’re huge fans of yours here at TCS!

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