My Favorite Finds: Reversible Bedding

I am one who likes change within my routine. I like getting into a schedule, having consistent things in my life, and being able to have a general idea of what my week is going to look like. However, if I were to do the same thing every day and every night… I would get bored. I like my change to be comfortable! And that is why I am very excited for today’s post—Reversible Bedding! Find a duvet cover or quilt that you love, and when you need a little variety in your décor, simply turn it over. And for those of you (eh…us…) that occasionally have mini freak-outs over change, just remember that change doesn’t have to be permanent, it can be flipped back at anytime!

How gorgeous is this Duvet Cover from BHDecor?! The mix of blue, gold, and white creates a truly regal look! The reverse side is aqua and gold damask which is sure to make a statement!

Design studio Prince Reth created this duvet cover for Urban Outfitters and I am loving it! Both sides are very colorful, yet very unique and present a completely different feel.

If you asked my friends to make a list of my favorite things, I can guarantee they would all include Target. I love Target. And I love this reversible quilt. One side will bring subtle color into your room, while the other will set a neutral tone. The perfect option for those who like to tone it down every one in a while! (Via Target)

This duvet cover from BHDecor is so much fun! But what sets this apart is that it has modern vibe while at the same time it looks casual and comfortable. I find that is a hard combo to find! Plus, this duvet cover has lollipops on it—so sweet! (Pun intended)

For those of you who love printed sheets or colorful decorative pillows, this solid reversible comforter would be the perfect complement! You can easily change the color scheme while not clashing with your patterned accents! Plus the lofty down of this comforter will keep you nice and cozy! (via The Company Store)

Two absolutely gorgeous duvet covers in one! On one side, the neutral background makes the rich colors really pop for a unique bohemian look. Reverse the duvet cover and voilà, a sophisticated and romantic look with gray and white medallions. (Via Amazon)

Anthropologie is known for creating unique clothing, but that uniqueness is also present in their bedding. This quilt is one of a kind with so many unexpected details. The reverse side offers just as much character. Thank you Anthropologie for delivering once again!

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  1. These reversible beddings are gorgeous! I myself love reversible things, it makes me think that I’m buying twice my money’s worth. And I love making our room look good with gorgeous beddings.

  2. very nice images of bedding

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