My Favorite Finds: Carry-Ons

As I watch the ladies dressed to the nines walk by me in the airport I think to myself, “Wow, I am so glad I am not wearing 5-inch heels right now!” Do I hop on the airplane wearing yesterday’s clothes and old tennis shoes? No. But, I am fully capable of looking fashionable while being comfortable! Essential to this ‘comfortable while staying classy’ look is a chic piece of carry-on luggage. To help you accomplish this, I’ve put together some possible options for all the stylish flyers out there!

Love, love, love this color! The yellow mixed with the cognac brown creates a stylish yet timeless look. Plus this 21” carry-on has 4 wheels! Once you go with spinners, you will never go back! (Via Neiman Marcus)

I love this sleek, modern carry-on from Heys. But what makes this luggage extra special? It is made of 100% recycled materials! Green is always in.

Ok, Ladies. Luggage doesn’t get any better than this! Pink and fabulous! I am a huge fan of Steamline Luggage-truly some of the most unique pieces out there!

This gorgeous leather bag is perfect for overnight trips or longer trips when you are checking an additional bag. At 21” wide, it will fit all the necessities! I am all about lots of pockets—and this bag has plenty of them! Plus, the zipper closure will keep everything securely inside during those bumpy landings! (Via Valhallabrooklyn)

A satchel and rolling suitcase in one! You will definitely get a lot of use out of this Vera Bradley carry-on. Whether hopping in a car for a quick weekend getaway, flying to visit a friend, or running errands around town—this bag can do it all!

Sometimes I want to feel stylish and girly while traveling, other times I just want to feel like James Bond. This Victorinox carry-on is totally 007 worthy.

Here is another great option for those looking for a more sophisticated duffle. This roomy bag has plenty of pockets and is extra durable for years of use!

I am a big fan of gadgets. So when I found a gadget that came in the form of a carry-on… I quickly shared with all of my friends! How is this suitcase a gadget you may ask? Well, this carry-on has 2 layers—the inner layer is an open compartment, and the outer layer is a garment bag that wraps around the inner layer. So awesome! (Check out the video here).

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