My Favorite Finds: Bathrobes

When you step out of the shower into the chilly air, when you need something comfy to wear while blow drying your hair, when you need something to protect your clothing from breakfast spills, when you are going from the bathroom back to your dorm room, or when you need something warm to snuggle up in at night—bathrobes are a definite must-have.  First and foremost they have to be practical. But beyond that, there are so many stylish and fun directions you can take this piece of clothing! So, don’t be afraid to show some personality!

You can never go wrong with the classic bathrobe. I love this robe from Scandia Home—Luxe, plush, and perfect for you and your significant other!

How stunning is this robe?! I love the bright blue color with the wildflower print. A truly stylish choice for all the fashionistas out there!  (Via Plum Pretty Sugar)

This is a wonderful option for all the college students looking for a robe that’s truly their own! Lots of colors to choose from and lots of fun monogramming options. (Via The Queens Daughters)

These colorful terry cloth robes are a great choice for those seeking a classic terry cloth robe with a pop of color. These robes will last you years and are super comfy, absorbent, and can also be monogrammed!

This robe is so cute! Short, hot pink, little ducks… can you get more girly? (Via Overstock)

This robe from Soft Surroundings is perfect for those looking for a more elegant and feminine look. I love the soft white with the ruffle trim.

Taking a small break from classy elegance…but why not?! You – fingers crossed – do not go around town in your bathrobe, so why not go all out and pick something fun? Go, Spidey, go!

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