Tips for Comfortable Campus Living

Calling all college students! Whether you live in a residence hall, a frat or sorority, or an off-campus apartment – room decor can play a huge role in your college experience. Through the ups and downs of the semesters ahead, your room will be your base of operations. It’s important that you create a space where you can relax and focus. Here are some tips for making your college home-away-from-home as comfortable as possible.

1. Sleep is a must. Comfortable sleep is critical! Make sure your bed will help you accomplish just that. Try adding a foam or feather mattress topper for a boost of comfort. A couple inches of foam or feather directly on top of the mattress can make quite the difference. Just as important is the pillow that supports your head.. Instead of buying a low-quality pillow that will flatten out after a handful of uses, invest in a pillow with the fill, firmness, and quality that will last the entire school year. To bring a more lived-in feel to your new residence, consider bringing a blanket or pillowcase from home to snuggle up with.

2. I think we all can agree that the soft touch of a rug under your feet is a lot better than a cold, bare floor in the morning. Rugs are one of the easiest and quickest ways to warm up a room, add color and texture, and protect floors from daily wear and tear. If you have a roommate, choose a rug that complements both of your personalities. You’ll find that the additional floor coverage will quickly transform your room and give it a whole new feeling.

3. You may only have room for one chair in your bedroom but that shouldn’t stop you from making it the most comfortable chair ever! Add a cushion if it’s needed or perhaps a throw pillow for some style. Drape a blanket across it for those chilly study nights! If the chair itself is uncomfortable, see if it’s possible to bring in one of your own. There a plenty of options at yard sales, parents’ attics, and consignment stores.

4. Don’t forget to turn on the tunes if you’re looking to relax. Consider swapping playlists or albums with your friends from home for a trip down memory lane. Set up playlists to put you in different moods–for studying, for exercising, for relaxing, for hanging out with friends.

5. Personal photos are perfect for adding a warm and personal touch to any room. You may find yourself wanting to resort to the quick and convenient tack or tape method to hang them up on your walls, but spend the extra time to find frames for your memories. Not only do they give your photos the attention they deserve, they also keep your walls looking clean and organized. If hanging is not an option for your walls, try vinyl wall decals instead. They involve no hammers or hooks, are completely removable, and leave no residue.

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