My Favorite Finds: Red, White, and Blue Bedrooms

Happy 4th of July! What a wonderful day to gather with family and friends for picnics, bbq’s, and a long day at the beach. Red, white, and blue decor is everywhere right now-so why not bring a little patriotic fun into your bedroom? There are many variations of red, white, and blue décor–but a few really stood out to me! So as you celebrate this wonderful day, consider extending the 4th of July festivities in your decor year round!

If you are going to go all out with patriotic décor, the below room from S.R. Gambrel is the way to go! Classic flag pieces with lots of whites and blues create a festive yet timeless look.

For a more subtle patriotic look, try this beautiful cottage room from Decorology. Simple, crisp, and oh so peaceful.

A simple flag pillow is all it takes to add a little character to your bed. I love the below image from Houzz–a great look for a kids room!

I love anything blue and white striped! The below comforter is a great way to create an easy red, white, and blue look. Simply add some red accent pillows and voila!

I like this take on the classic red, white, and blue color scheme. The lighter blue ads an unexpected, but welcomed, twist on the normal navy blue. (Via Live Like You)

How adorable is this pillow from Etsy store Bed Buggs Boutique?! Add this to a white duvet and you have all the pop of patriotic color you need!

The below room from Inspiration for Decoration is a great example on how to incorporate red, white, and blue without creating an overwhelming patriotic feel. I am loving those red lamps!


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6 comments on “My Favorite Finds: Red, White, and Blue Bedrooms

  1. Love the last bedroom!

  2. My wife, Pam has just finished a wonderful painting in these colors which is how I stumbled across your site, looking for matching decor.
    Have to say I’m not particularly liking the pillow with the fluffy addon but some of your ideas in matching the various elements of the room have given us some good tips on matching her painting.
    Thanks heaps.

  3. Very interesting pictures and descriptions! I like the one’s that are not obviously patriotic, but still have the colors incorporated. It turns out that the colors red, white, and blue go nicely together if you think outside the box a little!

  4. Wow! Very nice bedrooms! Very relaxing and inviting, perfect for family gatherings. I like the collections of blue and white in my bedroom. I really like the colors..Nice blog. Great job!

  5. All are great ideas for a bedroom. The combination of red, white and blue suited really well. I just love the last photo, decorated with the red lamp, and the canvas above the bed’s headboard. Perfect for an art lover like me!

  6. I just love the last photo, decorated with the red lamp, and the canvas above the bed’s headboard. Perfect for an art lover like me! really i must say i am impressed.


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