My Favorite Finds: College Bedding

‘Tis the season for dorm room shopping! Whether going off to college for the first time or in need of a little change for the next year… shopping for your dorm room is an absolute blast. When I was shopping for my dorm, I was very intentional about choosing pieces that I could use post-college as well. Instead of plastic shelves, I chose a wooden shelving unit with baskets. I promise—you can find good deals on pieces like this… you just need to do a little bargain shopping! I chose a solid comforter with fun accent pillows that were classic enough that I could incorporate them in future bedrooms. And while I was the odd one out in doing this, when it came time to move into my first apartment I was so thankful I went this route!

I already had key pieces which allowed me to buy other necessities. You will need XL Twin sheets but consider getting a full/queen comforter as well. The excess comforter drapes over the bed to hide all the storage underneath. When it comes time to get a larger bed-the comforter is covered! There are lots of good college bedding options that will work perfectly for your post-college years!  So save money in the long run, be stylish, and get inspired from one of the beautiful looks below!


College dorm rooms are normally quite neutral-neutral walls, neutral furniture, and neutral floors- thus colorful bedding is a great way to warm up your dorm room. How great is this bohemian patchwork quilt from Anthropologie? Love the vibrant colors!

Even though colorful dorm bedding is the norm, don’t underestimate the peaceful feel all white bedding can bring to a room! I love the mix of ruffles and ruching-truly gorgeous.  (Via Deck My Dorm)


If your heart is set on bright colors-I love the below bedding from Etsy Shop Ivy Halls. It’s fun, cheery, and can still make the transition into your first apartment.

I love this sweet look from designer Mabley Handler. A soft look with subtle color…so refreshing!


When my brothers went off to college, I was definitely way more excited about their bedding than they were. They didn’t even want to go shopping for it. “You can just pick something out, something blue or green, and no crazy designs.” Thus I chose blue plaid for both of my brothers-a go to classic.


The below image from Lovely Undergrad really stood out to me. 1. Love the headboard storage!  2. Love how charming the combination of bedding pieces is, and 3. Love the look of bringing pieces of home with you to college. There is no need to go out and by a completely new bedding set. Perhaps pick out some new XL twin sheets and a new throw pillow. The quilt you grew up with may be just the comfort you need when moving to a new place!


Here is another great bedding option from Lovely Undergrad. This bedding is fun and colorful enough for a dorm room, yet unique and sophisticated enough for a first apartment. I love the idea of choosing a piece of art to complement the bedding. I just can’t get enough of that gorgeous pink flower!

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8 comments on “My Favorite Finds: College Bedding

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    Picking out your bedding is part of the fun in getting ready for dorm life (at least for girls it is!). Personally, I would go the colorful route just for the fact that dorms usually need that POP! of color to bring life into the room. Plain and duller colors could also look nice if you aren’t a fan of bright colors; I just think the brightness will add some personality and cheerfulness. I like the bohemian patchwork quilt from Anthropologie; it bursts with life and also has a bit of a home feel to it. The most important thing to remember though: make sure your bedding is cozy!

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    I love the first one. It’s very colorful and it has a lot of creativity. Perfect for an art lover like me! This is not just for dorm people but I think for anyone who wanted to have a homey and creative place.

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    I really love those blue colors on those beds. It really makes me feel comfortable seeing those colors on my bed and everywhere on my room.

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    the green bed is really stunning. amazing post.

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    Very good, i love your desains

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    indeed the rooms are very comfortable to live in and make you sleep soundly with the beauty of the color ..

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    keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one today..

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    I just love them all. They’re colorful and look cozy. you made me long for those beautiful college days!

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