My Favorite Finds: Bedskirts

Bedskirts are one of those items that people often overlook. You focus on the duvet cover, the throw pillows, the headboard, but rarely do you consider adding a bedskirt. The only reason I used a bedskirt growing up was to hide all the storage underneath. It was not a design element; it was simply practical and reduced clutter. But now I have seen the light! Bedskirts can add so much to the look and feel of your bed. Whether adding a splash of color or continuing the look from the top of your bed down to the floor, bedskirts are a bedroom must! So, consider making an upgrade from the bedskirt as a clutter shield to a fabulous finishing touch!

This bedroom from Marmalade Interiors has so many unique elements—the pink chair, the bright yellow accents, that amazing rug! So why go with a basic bedskirt? This bright bedskirt compliments the white and brown bedding just perfectly!

So serene. The soft design of the bedskirt creates a romantic, picture perfect look! (Via In The Fun Lane)

I love anything blue and white. And when you have all white bedding, why not add some visual interest with a pattern underneath? (Via Marmalade Interiors)

It is amazing how much character a bedskirt can add to a bedroom! This dainty lace bedskirt adds so much to this classic antique room from Bountiful Home.

If you didn’t see our recent post on Decorating with Gray Walls-check it out here! There are some amazing looks you can create with this fabulous color! And this white and yellow bedskirt from Dan and Haley Hill is the perfect way to add color and dimension to this gray room.

What’s better than stripes? What’s better than florals? Stripes and florals! Don’t be afraid to mix patterns like the below bedroom from House and Home. I am loving the small floral print of that bedskirt.

If you don’t want the typical white bedskirt or if you have a busy duvet cover or quilt, then solid color bedskirt is the way to go! It won’t distract from the pattern above but will still at style and depth to your bed design!

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