Quick – what do you associate with the color gray? For us, we immediately think of pavement, storm clouds, and cold weather. Not exactly the most comforting or inviting things the world has to offer! But put gray within the home and it suddenly becomes timeless, practical, and solid. We love it!

We found that some homeowners are under the impression that gray will make their interiors cold, dreary, and dull. However, there are so many wonderful gray hues that can add warmth and dimension to a space. We find it especially effective as a wall color, serving as a calming backdrop for bright pops of color. Not convinced? Check out our favorite examples below!

This space is so calm and serene. The sunshine yellow provides great color contrast to the overall neutral space.

via Decor By Jennifer

Here’s a great example of how gray can bring warmth to a room!

via Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design

Our favorite gray rooms use texture and pattern to provide visual interest. Check out the rug, throw pillows, and curtains within this cottage living room.

via Refined LLC

A light shade of gray doesn’t steal the show yet enhances everything else! The blue-gray of these walls blends well with the eclectic furniture and decor.

via Cynthia Mason Interiors

Proof that gray walls and a navy couch is a winning combination. Again, we adore the mix of patterns found in this room’s accessories.

via Jenkins Baer

Wow – These chairs certainly make an impact. The barely-there gray is perfect for creating that seaside vibe.

via Armonia Decors

How do we describe this shade of gray? Let’s just say it’s muted grayish bluish green, shall we?

via Anat Shmariahu

This home workspace is so cozy and charming! We love this shade of gray together with the white furniture and vintage chair.

via Nicole Lanteri

Here’s another soft gray room that we can’t get enough of. If the walls were bright white, this room would be too one dimensional. The gray helps to highlight the molding as well as the faux fireplace.

via Dreamy Whites

Gray in the bathroom, you say? Yes! It can be done!

via Kasey Buick

Lastly, a lovely and unique take on exposed brick walls.

via Naciturus Design