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The Comfort Mix: Floral Finds, Inspiring Interiors, and an Adorable Night Light!

Each week, we round up our favorite posts dealing with all things comfort. Share some finds of your own in the comments below!

  • A glass of water will never look the same again! We love the idea of decorated icecubes for the summer to add a splash of color and even a bit of flavor depending on what you decide to put in them. Check out Pitchfork Diaries for instructions and a list of suggested flowers. Nish from Nish Whips Up A Dish uses mint and lemon slices in her icecubes as a zesty addition to her drinks. We can’t wait to use these ideas for drinks on the patio!
  • Our exploration of beach house imagery earlier this week led us on several tangents (as usual) but our favorite was finding this inspiring post on A Merry Mishap of Scandinavian summer homes! The collection of images are all so calming and can easily be translated into decor ideas for your own interiors. We enjoy the ease and comfort within all of the homes featured.
  • The home of Michelle LeBlanc of My Pretty Mommy is featured this week on Design Mom. We found ourseleves ooh-ing at her colorful design sense and aww-ing at her adorable family. For all the mommies out there – make sure to read the great interview, as well. We love what she has to say about living with children!
  • Have you ever stopped to buy a bouquet of flowers for your home, only to find yourself clueless when it comes around to putting them on display? Avoid just plopping your newly acquired blooms and read up a bit on floral arranging! We were totally inspired by the centerpiece Jenny put together on her blog. Check it out her step by step process! Real Simple also has some great tips to follow and arrangement examples to envy and emulate.
  • Have some extra fabric? Feeling crafty? All you need is some glue and glass jars to create these adorable votives! We could see them lighting up a night on the porch or as night-lights for the little ones. Of course, we’d use LED lights within them as a real flame could easily burn the fabric! What kind of fabric would you decorate with? We’re thinking floral and paisley for the summer!
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